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Deadline approaching for Cell State Transitions Workshop

Posted by , on 26 August 2020

Virtual Workshop from The Company of Biologists

Cell State Transitions: Approaches, Experimental Systems and Models

Organisers: Kevin Chalut and Austin Smith

Date: 15 – 17 December 2020


Transitions between cellular identities are fundamental to metazoan biology, from development to disease. Yet how cells navigate accurately between distinct identities remains poorly understood. A primary challenge is that transition is intrinsically dynamic, an outcome of time and stimulation. The methodology and the theory necessary to capture and decode these molecular and cellular dynamics are underdeveloped.

This Workshop aims to highlight innovative interdisciplinary approaches to the question of how biological transitions occur. We bring together practitioners in stem cell and developmental biology with theorists and experimentalists from physics, mathematics and engineering. The goal is to explore avenues for examining cell state transitions across multiple scales. We will consider concepts, tools and technologies, and model systems.

The Workshop will be run in virtual format using bespoke software to facilitate break out discussions. Early-career researchers will be offered a 1 to 1 mentoring opportunity with a senior investigator. The Workshop will be free for those selected to attend.

We offer 10 places for early-career researchers (PhD, postdocs and PIs in the first 3 years of their first appointment) to attend our virtual Workshops along with the our invited speakers.

The deadline date for applications is 28 August 2020. 

Apply here:



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