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December 16

Posted by , on 16 December 2012

Today’s recommended paper is:

Specifying and Sustaining Pigmentation Patterns in Domestic and Wild Cats
Christopher B. Kaelin, Xiao Xu et al. (2012)
Science 337 (6101), 1536-1541

Submitted by Heather Etchevers:
“I am interested in skin development and pigmentation. But this paper was justifiably published in a general science journal because to some extent, everyone has asked themselves the question of how the leopard got its pattern of spots – in some form or another. The technical approaches in this paper started classical and then used a nearly impossible model to test its conclusions: rare mutant, endangered felid samples from captive animals, and used as controls an impressive number of samples from wild animals. It makes for a good read and clearly leaves avenues open for further exploration.”

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