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Posted by , on 15 November 2022

The big news on #ScienceTwitter (and indeed Twitter more broadly) surrounds the flock becoming a herd as the community hedges with more and more users opening accounts on Mastodon.

There is plenty of great advice out there if you are considering moving, or would like to open your first account. We found the top thread useful, and you’ll find us on Mastodon soon. However, while we are learning to toot and boost, it’ll be important to see how moderation works in the herd.

Mastodon and moderation

Don’t delete your Twitter account (yet?)

Blue ticks and #FakeNews

Alternatives to a blue tick?

preLights in #devbio (and related topics)

Back to (the) back: regenerated blood vessels repopulate the injured spinal cord in zebrafish!

High-res microscopy reveals how the ER and mitochondria stay in touch

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