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Developing news — September 2023

Posted by , on 1 September 2023

Is it time to re-define what a human embryo is? Plus #devbio preLights and news from the community.

Celebrating the people from the developmental biology community

Posted by , on 1 September 2023

Learning from our friends over at ZebrafishRock, the Node would like to be more intentional in celebrating the various achievements of the wonderful people in the developmental and stem cell ...

Developing news... stem cells edition

Posted by , on 21 June 2023

Preprints on human stem cell-based embryo models; developing guidance on stem cell use and a survey to assess inclusivity.

Developing news

Posted by , on 5 June 2023

It matters who does science, mental health crisis among scientists and #devbio preLights.

Developing news

Posted by , on 18 January 2023

After a short break, our first ‘Developing news’ post of 2023 focusses on disruption in science. How good is ChatGPT? One of the main talking point on Twitter in December ...

Developing news

Posted by , on 29 November 2022

In the past couple of weeks, #ScienceTwitter was full of tweets starting with ‘If Twitter ends today, can we all agree that…’, professing their love for a particular model organism, ...

Developing news

Posted by , on 15 November 2022

The big news on #ScienceTwitter (and indeed Twitter more broadly) surrounds the flock becoming a herd as the community hedges with more and more users opening accounts on Mastodon. There ...

Developing news

Posted by , on 25 October 2022

This week, #SciTwitter has been focussed on discussions around publishing, starting with prestige-signalling, followed by a big announcement from eLife, which received mixed reactions on Twitter.

Developing news

Posted by , on 18 October 2022

Twitter has felt a little quieter on the #devbio front these past two weeks, perhaps in anticipation of the long awaited #ISDB2021, which kicked off this Sunday. If you have ...

Developing news

Posted by , on 4 October 2022

What’s in a name? From defining ‘epigenetics’, to naming nervous system organoids and assembloids, #SciTwitter has been alive with debate over the last two weeks. We bring you some of ...

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