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Posted by , on 29 November 2022

In the past couple of weeks, #ScienceTwitter was full of tweets starting with ‘If Twitter ends today, can we all agree that…’, professing their love for a particular model organism, and whether qPCR is essential for validation! Of course, Twitter hasn’t collapsed but the #devbio community, including ourselves, have been trying Mastodon as an alternative. Read on to find out some of the talking points that caught our attention.

To move or not to move?

Publishing on Mastodon

Who’s (who) on Mastodon

We’re at, and we’re still building our community on Mastodon, but below are some of our favourites so far. Let us know who we should be adding to our list!

Don’t forget the other Mastodon!

preLights in #devbio (and related topics)

To be or not to be a photoreceptor: cell fate choices in the developing zebrafish retina are deterministic and probabilistic.

How does the endothelium integrate mechanical force exerted by blood flow? Batta and colleagues show the importance for the guanine nucleotide exchange factor, ARHGEF18, in regulating endothelial cell alignment in the direction of flow.

Navigating a tense situation: the plasma membrane and actin cortex form an integrated system for rapid long-range tension propagation.

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