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Posted by , on 13 September 2021

Welcome to our light-hearted look at the goings-on in the world of developmental biology in the last two weeks (or so).

Call to action

NIH funding for maintaining the model organism databases (MODs) that we know and love is under threat.

Make sure your opinion is heard:

For more background:

Talking points on Twitter

Is it time to consign tSNE and UMAP plots to history?

  • Preprint from Lior Pachter with over 1600 tweets
Picasso embedding of the ex-utero mouse embryo E8.5 data fit to a world map boundary from Chari, et al.

Which model is the best for studying human development?

  • A Perspective article in Nature about the Human Developmental Cell Atlas
  • Some responses from the #devbio community (note this article created a twitter storm, especially the size of the circles in Fig1c. We have picked out a few twitter threads)

Advice for new graduate students

There are many wonderful twitter threads offering advice to new graduate students, and indeed much of the advice is relevant to the wider community. Here are a couple of our favourites:

#DevBio in preLights

Light-sheet illumination of the organoid family tree with LSTree

Three-axis classification of mouse lung mesenchymal cells reveals two populations of myofibroblasts

Epithelial-mesenchymal plasticity determines estrogen receptor positive (ER+) breast cancer dormancy and reacquisition of an epithelial state drives awakening

Extracellular mechanical forces drive endocardial cell volume decrease during cardiac valve morphogenesis

Thanks to the #DevBio community for making this such an interesting couple of weeks, especially on twitter. If you have some news that you think we should share with the developmental biology community on our blog, please get in touch at If you are interested in getting involved with writing preLights you can find out more here.

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