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Development presents… January webinar videos

Posted by , on 15 January 2021

Yesterday we held the fourth webinar in our series, this time chaired by Development Editor Swathi Arur. Here you’ll find recordings of the  talks and their live Q&A sessions moderated by Swathi.


Brandon Scott Carpenter (from David Katz’s lab at Emory University School of Medicine)

C. elegans establishes germline versus soma by balancing inherited histone methylation’

Brandon’s paper is out soon in Development – you can check out the preprint on bioRxiv.



Hayao Ohno (from Zhirong Bao’s lab at the Sloan Kettering Institute)

‘Small RNAs couple embryonic developmental programs to gut microbes’

Hayao’s paper is available on bioRxiv.



Swann Floc’hlay (formerly in Denis Thieffry’s lab at IBENs)

‘Deciphering and modelling the TGF-beta signalling interplays specifying the dorsal-ventral axis of the sea urchin embryo’

Swann’s paper is available ahead of print in Development.




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