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Development presents… modelling development in vitro – videos

Posted by , on 26 October 2022

On Tuesday 11 October, Development hosted three talks on the topic of our latest Special Issue, Modelling Development In Vitro.

Below you’ll find each of the talks and Q&As hosted by our Associate Editor, Matthias Lutolf (EPFL).

Alexandra Wehmeyer (M.D. thesis studentand Sebastian Arnold (Acting Director, Institute of Pharmacology, University of Freiburg)
‘Chimeric 3D-gastruloids – a versatile tool for studies of mammalian peri-gastrulation development’

You can read the Research Article here.

Ansley Conchola (MSTP MD/PhD candidate in Jason Spence‘s lab at the University of Michigan Medical School)
‘Stable iPSC-derived NKX2-1+ lung bud tip progenitor organoids give rise to airway and alveolar cell types’

You can read the full Research Article here.

Sham Tlili (CNRS research investigator at the Marseille Developmental Biology Institute (IBDM) in Aix-Marseille University)
‘A microfluidic platform to investigate the role of mechanical constraints on tissue reorganization’

You can read the Research Article here.

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