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Development presents… October webinar videos

Posted by , on 8 October 2020

Videos have now been taken down.


Yesterday over two hundred people from all over the wall tuned in to the first instalment of Development presents…, Development’s new webinar series. For those who missed it, here you can watch the talks, plus their following Q&A sessions moderated by Development Editor-in-Chief and webinar chair James Briscoe.

The videos will be taken down after two weeks.


Milica Bulajić (PhD student in Esteban Mazzoni’s lab in NYU)

‘Differential abilities to engage inaccessible chromatin diversify vertebrate HOX binding patterns’

This work has just been published ahead of print in Development:


Andrew Economou  (now a postdoc with Caroline Hill at the Francis Crick Institute)

‘Networking with Turing: towards high order morphogen models’

This work has just been published ahead of print in Development:


José Blanco-Ameijeiras (PhD student with Elisa Marti at the Institute of Molecular Biology of Barcelona)

‘Cell intercalation driven by SMAD3 underlies secondary neural tube formation’

This work was recently deposited on bioRxiv:


For details of future webinars in the series go to:




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