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Development presents… Special Issue: The immune system in development and regeneration – videos

Posted by , on 12 May 2022

On Wednesday 4 May, Development hosted three talks to celebrate the completion of our Special Issue focussing on the role of the immune system in development and regeneration.

Below you’ll find each of the talks and Q&As hosted by one of the Guest Editors, Paul Martin (Bristol University).

Ana Zenclussen (Professor for Environmental Pediatric Immunology at the Leipzig University and Head of the Department of Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research)
‘Relevance of maternal B cell signaling for fetal development and well-being’

You can read the full Research Article here.

Elena Melendez (Postdoctoral researcher in Manuel Serrano‘s lab at the IRB, Barcelona)
‘Natural killer cells act as an extrinsic barrier for in vivo reprogramming’

You can read the full Research Article here.

Franziska Knopf (Junior Professor at the Centre for Regenerative Therapies, Dresden)
‘Laser mediated osteoblast ablation triggers a pro-osteogenic inflammatory response regulated by reactive oxygen species and glucocorticoid signaling in zebrafish’

This recording is not longer available.

You can read the full Research Article here.

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