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(Developmental) Biology around the internet- February 2016

Posted by , on 8 February 2016

Here is February’s round-up of some of the interesting content that we spotted around the internet!


News & Research

– The end of 2015 saw the usual collection of articles highlighting the best of the past year. Nature listed their top 10 people who mattered and the science events that shaped 2015, while Science named CRISPR as their 2015 Breakthrough of the Year.

– And it seems that CRISPR will continue to make headlines in 2016. Just last week the lab of Kathy Niakan at the Crick Institute received the first licence to edit the genome of human embryos in the UK.

– Are biological databases like FlyBase, WormBase and ZFIN at risk of no longer being funded? Article in the Genes to Genome GSA blog discusses the issue.

Science4Refugees is a new initiative to help refugee scientists and researchers find suitable employment in Europe.

– Why are certain science myths so enduring, and how are they holding back science?

– How scientists are helping movie writers make films ‘plausible-ish’- in The Wall Street Journal

– Sometimes the best a PhD adviser can do is let a student find their own way.

– There are still places available for this year’s EMBO lab management courses.

– Have you also had to battle the bureaucracy hydra?

–  And the SDB has announced the winners of their 2016 Awards, including the SDB Lifetime Achievement Award to David McClay (Duke University) and the Conklin Medal to Kathryn Anderson (Sloan Kettering Institute). Meanwhile, the BSDB announced that the first Cheryll Tickle Medal will be awarded to Abigail Tucker (King’s College London).


Weird & Wonderful

– Are you a Star Wars fan? Make your science feel EPIC by converting your abstract into a Star Wars crawl!

– What do you call a group of developmental biologists? Plenty of ideas in the hashtag #scientistherdnames.

– What would nursery rhymes look like if they were published in medical journals?

– Gary shared this (very geeky) Christmas jumper!

– And we spotted this fabulous cake for a postdoc leaving the Petermann lab.



Beautiful & Interesting images

– Gregory Dunn is an artist that paints beautiful scrolls of neurons in the Asian Sumi-e style.

– Check out this great image of a transgenic Xenopus tadpole, one of the winners of the 2015 Nikon Small World competition.

– And how about these induced pluripotent stem cells:


Videos worth watching:

– This cool video shows a motorized ‘spermbot’, helping the sperm reach the egg!

– And John Gurdon explains why and how he created the first animal clones:


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