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(Developmental) Biology around the internet- April 2015

Posted by , on 22 April 2015

Here is April’s round-up of some of the interesting content that we spotted around the internet!


News & Research

– There is a growing number of postdocs and not enough positions in academia. What is the future of the postdoc? Meanwhile, the MRC removed the number of postdoc years from their eligibility criteria for fellowship applications.

– Rumour has it that DNA editing techniques are being used in human embryos. Here’s the discussion in Nature, and a set of recommendations published in Science.

– What do fossils oviraptor eggs tell us about dinosaur development? An interesting article in Embryo Project.

– ‘The Thrill of Defeat‘- What Francis Crick and Sydney Brenner taught Bob Goldstein about being scooped.

– An interesting article in Nature Jobs explores how scientists can use twitter to expand their social contacts and find jobs.

– The history of naming lab animals and is it a good idea, in Science.

– ‘What pushes scientists to lie?’- The Guardian discusses the STAP case and reproducibility in science.

– Graham Warren wrote an article on the importance of non-classic model systems, published in The Journal of Cell Biology.

– And American Scientist collated 75 reasons to become a scientist.


Weird & Wonderful:

– This stunning graphic shows how Darwin’s On the Origin of Species evolved over its 6 editions.

– Barbara Vreede announced to the lab that she was pregnant in an unusual way.

– What if Shakespeare had to apply for a science grant to write Hamlet? Here is what his proposal might have looked like.

– An article in PLOS Biology shows how to 3D print your lab equipment.

– If you are a cat (and science!) lover, you may like this:



Beautiful & Interesting images:

– This cool poster celebrates 16 amazing women in science.

– The Wellcome Trust announced the winners of their 2015 science image competition.

– Check out these beautiful hand cut paper microbes

– And finally, academic minions:  

Videos worth watching:

Science out of the box is a great outreach project at the Johns Hopkins where scientists explain their research using a box of toys. Check out Erika Matunis explaining niche cells.

– “It’s almost unbelievable that before Darwin invented evolution in 1859 no one had ever evolved”- a parody documentary on evolution.

– And the Manchester Fly Facility released part 2 of their video series on why fly research is important. In this video- the hedgehog story:





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