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(Developmental) Biology around the Internet- December 2015

Posted by , on 10 December 2015

Here’s December’s round-up of interesting content we found around the internet!


News & Research

-CRISPR and genome editing were at centre stage, with articles about the therapeutic use of gene editing technologies, opinion pieces as to whether we should modify the human genome, input from lab scientists about CRISPR/Cas9 ethical and policy issues and a Nature outlook on gene editing!

The US Senate defunded one of the providers of aborted fetal tissue for research.

@NautilusMag left us with this fantastic account of how Hilde Mangold discovered the role of the organiser.

Can we make primitive cells in ovaries into mature eggs?

-Jeanne Loring was announced as the Stem Cell Person of the Year 2015 by the Knoepfler lab blog

-Biomed Central published a blog about why zebrafish are fantastic organisms for studying development.

-The winners of the 2015 Dance your PhD competition were announced!

-How can the early development of the human brain be studied? By doing a big baby experiment!

-Developmental Biology published an in memoriam for Eric H. Davidson.

-EuroStemCell collected the responses to the #AStemCellScientistBecause hashtag.

What is the best way to assess scientists?

-Moving lab? Read this piece on how to smooth the transition.

Can being a scientist make you a better parent?

-Beware of scams! Scientific journals also get hacked.

-And finally, an editorial and an article from Nature on how to improve PhD programmes!


Weird and wonderful

#LOTRyourResearch encouraged scientists to put a Tolkenian spin on their scientific tweeting.

-We spotted these amazing animations from the research of @nervous_jessica, showing how shapes can be generated by differential growth rates!

-And finally, a bit of Christmas cheer: check out the Max Planck Society’s Advent Calendar!


Beautiful and interesting images

-Do you want to see a panda inside a sea urchin?

-Look at this beautiful image of a zebrafish embryo 22 hours after fertilisation!


Videos worth watching

-The Insight Awards Life Science winner is a gorgeous video of zebrafish gastrulation!

-Check out this fantastic performance of “The Day the Funding Died”!




-This single-cell resolution video of zebrafish development is worth a watch!


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