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Embryo Geometry

Posted by , on 2 November 2022

Dear Node Colleagues,

This is my inaugural Node post. Around 1990, Stephen Jay Gould dedicated my copy of his Ontogeny and Phylogeny (1979), writing, “Thank you for tackling my real book.” As a chemical engineer, I took it seriously when Gould whispered that development is not encoded in the genes and to forget natural selection.

The succeeding thirty years of lab work by scientists and scientific artists attributing morphogenesis to mechanical causes has garnered many papers and hundreds of illustrations covering most complex taxa. Recently, we demonstrated vertebrate origins in self-organized patterns that occur in the predictable geometry of serial, sequential cell division.

The authors hope that the many facets of our work will inspire further investigation. We invite comments and possible collaboration.

Please see: 

Stuart Pivar 
Embryo Geometry Lab 

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