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EuroStemCell: latest news and what next?

Posted by , on 25 June 2012

EuroStemCell is an EU-funded project focussed on public engagement with stem cell and regenerative medicine research. For the latest news on what we’re doing and major issues affecting the field, check out our June newsletter.

You’ve probably seen our posts on The Node before, so we thought you might like to have your say in what we do next. In April, just after our second birthday, we brought partners, funders and advisory board members together to take stock of the project. We explored 3 questions:

1. what have we achieved so far?
2. what have we learned?
3. what should our priorities be for the next two years, and beyond?

Discussion was lively and productive. We left the meeting abuzz with new ideas, excited about opportunities for collaboration and enthused about our re-established priorities. We’re busy translating that into a workable plan for the next two years, which we hope to share with you soon.

We’d love to get your thoughts to help us make the right decisions about what we do next. Visit to share your views on what we’ve done so far, and your ideas for improvements or new materials. Below are some things we’d especially like your input on.

Clinical trials and clinical research information

At our meeting, we identified clinical trials as an area where we’d like to provide more information and resources – both on what trials are happening, but also to help explain how clinical research really works. We’ve done a few things in this area so far:

  • Published two updates on clinical trials and stem cell treatments, in collaboration with our partner ECRIN
  • Published the online version of Hope Beyond Hype, a graphic story by our partner OptiStem. Look out for interactive and multilingual versions coming soon.
  • Updated our FAQ on clinical trials and stem cell treatments
  • Collated links to patient organizations and patient information websites throughout Europe
  • Collated all content on our site that relates to clinical trials and stem cell treatments in a one-stop topic page.

What else would YOU find useful? Use our Contact form at to tell us.

How are we doing so far?

Here are some of visual reminders of EuroStemCell highlights that you might also like to comment on.

First, a summary of our first periodic report to the European Commission, our funders – a 10 page publication, with lots of pictures! View non-flash version

And a presentation of highlights from the first two years of the EuroStemCell project – also with lots of pictures!

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