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From the archives: Writing

Posted by , on 1 September 2021

With a new academic year upon us, we thought it would be an excellent opportunity to highlight some older content on the Node that, we hope, will help make your year a successful one.

The first topic we’ll tackle is writing. Whilst you might not currently have a writing project on the go, John Wallingford tells us in his first blog post of the #DevBiolWriteClub why you really should:

“Writing is like a sport.  You only get good at it if you practice, with intent, every day.”

You can find John’s series of posts here, including a mention of his spin-off #devbiolgrantclub

We also have Grant writing advice for PhD students and Postdocs from Elisa Genie

For a more focussed look at writing reviews (or an introduction to your thesis), our acting Executive Editor Seema Grewal takes us through the entire process from planning to the finished article. Whilst our Reviews Editor Alex Eve shares what the reviewers of your article are going to be looking for in his post ‘Another look’ at peer review: reviewing review articles

If you are interested in practising your writing skills, we always welcome new authors on the Node. Please get in contact with us at if you would like to discuss your ideas, or to get help with planning or editing. You can also get involved in science communication on our sister sites preLights and FocalPlane. preLights is where ECRs highlight preprints of their choice  – you can find out how and why you should get involved here. Whilst FocalPlane is focussed on all things microscopy including ‘How to’ posts and blog series, among many other types of content that you can contribute to. You can find out how to get involved here.

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