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Funding Opportunity for BSDB members travelling to ES cell course

Posted by , on 5 January 2011

Message from the BSDB, reposted with permission. Keep in mind that the funding opportunities are for BSDB members only, and the final deadline is very, very soon. The poster for the course was posted on the Node earlier.

We have the unique opportunity to provide UK BSDB members with funded opportunities to attend an intensive practical and theoretical course on embryonic stem cells and mammalian development in Mexico this March. This was to be explained in the upcoming newsletter, but as it is late, we would like to make sure that BSDB members don’t miss this opportunity and therefore we are sending this unusual email to the membership. There are up to 8 funded places open to students, post docs, or young principle investigators. The website is and you can either apply on line by the 5th of January or submit applications as a single PDF file to either Josh Brickman ( or Jenny Nichols (, by Saturday the 8th of January at 5 PM. If you apply via an email to either Josh or Jenny, then you will need to include your education and research experience (one page, include all degrees and classifications), a list of publications (for PhD students with little experience this is not important), a letter explaining why you want to attend the course (no more than 500 words) and a letter from your supervisor or department head explaining why you should be considered for the course. If you are unable to get in touch with your supervisor this week, because of the holiday, then please contact us for alternative directions.

The course, “ES Cells as a Model System for Embryonic Development,” is organized every two years at different sites in Latin America. It is a practical and theoretical course on mouse development and embryonic stem cell technologies. The course strives to simultaneously teach and build international collaborative relationships. This year it will be held in March 2011 in Mexico (Feb 27th to March 17th, 2011). The course has funding to send from 5-8 PhD students, post docs or young faculty members from the UK to Mexico to participate in both the course and its associated scientific symposium, at which all participants will be expected to give a short talk.

Course includes lectures and workshops with:
Alejandro Schinder (Buenos Aires, AR)
Alfonso Martinez-Arias (Cambridge, UK)
Andrew Smith (Edinburgh, UK)
Austin Smith (Cambridge, UK)
Heiko Lickert (Neuherberg, GER)
Ivan Velasco (Mexico City, Mexico)
James Briscoe (London, UK)
Janet Rossant (Toronto, CA)
Jennifer Nichols (Cambridge, UK)
José Xavier Neto (Campinas, BR)
Joshua Brickman (Edinburgh, UK)
Luis Covarrubias (Cuernavaca, Mexico)
Meng Li (London, UK)
Peter Andrews (Sheffield, UK)
Philippe Soriano (New York, USA)
Robin Lovell-Badge (London, UK)
Sally Lowell (Edinburgh, UK)
Simon Tomlinson (Edinburgh, UK)
Tariq Enver (London, UK)
Tetsuya Taga (Tokyo, Japan)
Tilo Kunath (Edinburgh, UK)
Wendy Bickmore (Edinburgh, UK)
Yann Barrandon (Lausanne, Switzerland)
Diana Escalante-Alcalde (Mexico City, Mexico)
Chris Wood (Cuernavaca, Mexico)
Guillermo Lanuza (Buenos Aires, AR)

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