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Genetics Unzipped podcast: How to be a superhero – The hidden powers within your genes

Posted by , on 11 March 2021

Wonder Woman
Photo by JD Hancock via Flickr CC BY 2.0

In the latest episode of Genetics Unzipped we’re delving into the science behind so-called ‘genetic superheroes’, and explaining why you might have hidden powers within your genes. Despite the name, these superheroes don’t have the ability to shoot webs from their fingers or save the universe, but something with a lot more real world relevance to human health.

Instead, these people have a much more down to earth ability: carrying genetic alterations that should make them seriously ill, yet they are apparently healthy.

We take a closer look at the search for genetic superheroes, the science behind their secret powers, and what their existence means for our understanding of genetics.

Genetics Unzipped is the podcast from The Genetics Society. Full transcript, links and references available online at

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