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Genetics Unzipped: The natural lottery – How our genes shape our lives

Posted by , on 2 December 2021

Photo by Dylan Nolte via Unsplash CC0

In the latest Genetics Unzipped podcast, Kat Arney chats with Professor Paige Harden from the University of Texas about her new book, The Genetic Lottery, exploring how genetic variations might affect our chances in life, and what – if anything – we should do with this information.

Harden argues that variations in our DNA that make us different, in terms of our personalities and our health, can affect our chances of educational and economic success in life. Rather than ignoring these differences, or simply saying “well, if it’s genetic, what can you do about it?”, she puts forward some ideas for how we can use our knowledge about genetics to achieve more equitable outcomes for everyone.

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