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Get the EDBC Watch Party Started

Posted by , on 21 June 2023

If you can’t attend the European Developmental Biology Congress in person this September, why not organise a local Watch Party?

Excitement is ramping up for the European Developmental Biology Congress which will take place 25-28th September this year. This will be a celebratory meeting distributed across three beautiful locations: Oxford, Paris and Barcelona, packed with exciting science, social events, medal talks and even chances to try Tai Chi, experience embryology-inspired Virtual Reality art and go punting with your fellow developmental biologists. You can read more about our plans here  and you can check out the programme and register here.

For anyone who can’t travel to attend the meeting in person, there will be the option to watch talks online. But, we know that watching a conference remotely can sometimes feel a little lonely, with no one to discuss the talks with over a delicious conference coffee.

So…. why not plan an #EDBCWatchParty?  

             “Our lab organised an outdoor watch party in my garden for the 2021 hybrid BSDB Spring Meeting and it was great. I’d definitely do something like that again”

 Kyra Campbell, University of Sheffield

            “We hope to gather together Developmental Biologists from across Edinburgh to watch EDBC2023 in a university seminar room, perhaps with a local poster session. We will encourage people to bring home bakes so we might even include a Great Developmental Biology Bake Off competition!”  

Tamina Lebek and Guillaume Blin, University of Edinburgh

            “Our lab are excited about the talks at EDBC, but some of us can’t make it in person so we’re very keen on the idea of coming together to watch the talks online. We’ll spread the word around Cambridge for any other developmental  biologists who’d like to join us”

Ben Steventon, University of Cambridge

If you are thinking of giving this a go, we’d love to hear about it so please feel free to drop us a line at or post on twitter or mastodon with the hashtag #EDBCWatchParty

Sally Lowell, Shankar Srinivas and Paul Martin

BSDB organisers of  EDBC2023

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