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3 thoughts on “GFP, YFP and RFP = Christmas Themes!”

  1. I like the YFP heart! <3

    The chlorophyll-less plant sounds intriguing too. I hadn't heard about that idea before. (Whereas I'd heard of hair follicle stem cells many times - and that's exactly why there need to be more plant posts on the Node! Learning new things...)

  2. Good parallel between the chlorophyll-less plant, the hairless mouse, for visualizing fluorescent protein reporters. And people have been using chicken strains that don’t have pigment, to study normal pigment cell development, for decades, too.

  3. Eva, me too :) Also, thanks for the Development Cover! It’s a perfect find, the seed looks really ornamental. By the way, feels great to be surrounded by other biology bloggers, I’m learning tonnes on The Node. There really should be more dialogue between biologists (outside of happy hours). Awesome that you want to hear more about plants! …And I think I’m love with WordPress. *sigh

    Heather, pigmentless chickens sound interesting, I’m going to have to check that out. I didn’t know there were mutant chicken models.

    The hairless mouse of the plant world does sound really exceptional. And it wouldn’t have any autofluorescence. But one downer to it is that chlorophyll is so essential to a plant. It’s what allows a plant to make its own food. While it’s possible for the plant to survive on sucrose, many genes and protein levels could be drastically affected. It may not grow very well either, and would be harder to maintain, as sucrose would also attract a lot of bacteria and fungi. It could be tricky in an experiment.

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