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Image competition: a new developmental biology calendar

Posted by , on 25 April 2019

Have you got a beautiful image of a developing organism you’d like to share with the world? Or a striking computer generated visualisation, or even something you’ve drawn or painted or stitched or crafted? We’re planning a Node calendar for the academic year 2019-20, and want to fill it with your images.



Entering is easy: simply send your image, along with a description of what’s being shown, to, with the subject line ‘Calendar competition’.

Content-wise, the only limitation is that it should have a developmental biology angle to it. We’d love to have as much diversity in organisms and systems as possible. The image dimensions on the calendar are 24 cm L x 19 cm H, and some cropping may occur. One entry per person but individual labs can enter multiple images. 

The deadline for submissions is 13.00 (GMT+1), Friday 10 May

We’ll collate all the entries and then run a public vote the following week. Good luck!



The idea for the calendar didn’t come from nowhere: Development used to print calendars each year and distribute them to researchers until it became economically unfeasible. But people would often ask us about them at conferences (or rather, complain about not having them any more!), and some of us in the Development team remember how nice the calendars looked hanging up in the lab before we left those labs for publishing. We hope our Node calendar will be equally beautiful and useful!


Development’s 2013 calendar

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