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International Society for Regenerative Biology Webinar, September 20, 12:00pm EDT

Posted by , on 13 September 2022

Please join us for the next exciting ISRB webinar featuring Erin Davies, Ph.D., of the National Cancer Institute, USA and Samantha Joyce Hack, of Western Michigan University, USA. The Zone 3 talk will occur September 20 at 12pm East Coast Time. Theme: Planarian Regeneration. 

Erin’s talk is titled “Embryonic origins of lifelong regenerative abilities
Samantha’s talk is titled “Planar cell polarity signaling is required to terminate regenerative growth in the planarian Schmidtea mediterranea”

Zoom credentials:

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Meeting ID: 879 5451 8990

There will be time after each talk for live questions. For those who are unable to join live, we will post a link to the recording of the webinar in the #isrb_webinars channel of the ISRB slack. The recording will be available for 48 hours. The speakers have agreed to closely monitor that channel for those 48 hours to answer questions that you might have.

If you still need to join the ISRB Slack, here is an invitation link: Once you have joined the ISRB Slack, search for the webinar channel and join it.

We will be holding these webinars monthly and will be alternating between time zones. Each month you should pay close attention to the time, because this will change. Each month we will choose two speakers around a new theme from similar time zones. The talk will take place around 4pm of the time zone the speakers comes from.

Please click here to add the ISRB calendar to your Google calendars. Upcoming webinars will be posted here. We will continue to send out email reminders and Tweet with speaker and Zoom details.   


Stephanie Vargas 
Celina Juliano 
Duygu Özpolat 
Ruben Marin Juez 
Justin Varholick 

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