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An interview with the 2024 GfE Hilde Mangold Award winner — Daniel Wehner

Posted by , on 2 April 2024

Daniel Wehner is group leader at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light and the Max-Planck-Zentrum für Physik und Medizin in Erlangen.
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Mexican cavefish (Astyanax mexicanus): a non-model organism research story with Dr. Claudia Patricia Ornelas-García

Posted by , on 16 March 2024

Recently, Brent Foster and I published an article on non-model organism (NMO) research, where we interviewed several researchers working across the globe on the challenges, rewards, and the particular questions …

Exploring multi-hub conferences: interview with Sally Lowell

Posted by , on 7 March 2024

Transportation is one of the main environmental issues of a scientific conference, usually accounting for around half of the event’s total CO2 emissions. But innovative ideas can help mitigate this …

Meet the Node correspondents — Shreyasi Mukherjee

Posted by , on 7 March 2024

Find out more about our new correspondent, Shreyasi Mukherjee, a postdoc at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

Meet the Node correspondents — Alex Neaverson

Posted by , on 29 February 2024

An interview with the 2024 Node correspondent Alex Neaverson, a third-year PhD student at the University of Cambridge.

Meet the Node correspondents — James Zwierzynski

Posted by , on 14 February 2024

An interview with the 2024 Node correspondent James Zwierzynski, a first-year PhD student at Stanford University.

In 2019 we met Vilaiwan Fernandes, who had recently been awared the Santa Cruz Developmental Biology Young Investigator Award

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