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iPS or transdifferentiation

Posted by , on 2 March 2011

The discovery of iPS made headlines the world over, and rightly so. But recently, transdifferentiation between somatic cell types has also been the focus of  considerable attention. A couple of Nature papers this year have reported that transdifferentiation is even possible between lineages arising from different germ layers – something that not everyone thought could be achieved (see Vierbuchen et al, Nature 463, 1035-1041 and Szabo et al, Nature 468, 521-526).

EuroStemCell aims to make this sort of cutting-edge scientific progress accessible to non-specialists, and to encourage discussion amongst the whole community. Thomas Graf has just written a short article on iPS versus transdifferentiation for You can read the article at .

We’d love it if Node readers posted their opinions on the value and future of these two techniques as comments on the article. Just sign up to the site (a VERY simple, 2-minute process) and then go to Thomas Graf’s article and click ‘add a new comment’.

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