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Computational and bioinformatic decoding of pluripotency

Posted by , on 13 March 2023

Job type: Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Location: Living Systems Institute, Exeter, UK

Closing Date: 24 April 2023

An exciting opportunity is available in the laboratory of Austin Smith  Profile | Living Systems Institute | University of Exeter to develop and lead a programme of computational and bioinformatics analyses to delineate developmental trajectories, infer gene regulatory networks and dynamics, and model cell fate transition paths.

You will work mainly with single cell next generation sequencing data from natural and synthetic embryos, stem cell differentiation time courses, and perturbation studies. The study will include comparative analyses between human, non-human primates and other mammals. You will create and implement algorithms, analysis methods and visualisation tools for interrogation of transcriptomic and multimodal ‘omics datasets. You will create mathematical and/or computational models of the pluripotency gene regulatory network and of cell fate transitions that will inform experimental investigation.

You will have the opportunity to supervise project students. In addition to your own research projects, you will advise and support wet lab researchers in the group in design and analysis of ‘omics studies.

Prior knowledge in stem cell or developmental biology is not necessary, but experience in working closely with experimental researchers is essential.

The post is available immediately and funded until 30 April, 2027.

For application details Click here

Salary: £40,745 up to £49,841

Closing Date: 24 April 2023

Scientific fields: Cell fate control and differentiation, Computational and systems biology, Early embryogenesis, Chromatin and epigenetics, Development and disease, Gene regulation, Quantitative biology and modelling, Signalling, Stem cells, Tissue engineering and organoids

Model systems: Human, Other vertebrate

Duration: Fixed term

Minimum qualifications: PhD

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