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Postdoctoral Position: Annelid Developmental Evolution

Posted by , on 13 April 2021

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina USA

Closing Date: 31 July 2021

The Zakas Lab at North Carolina State University is recruiting a postdoc researcher in annelid developmental evolution and embryology. Our lab is interested in determining the genetic basis for developmental traits, and how genetics shape complex life-histories. 

We use the marine polychaete, Streblospio benedicti as a model for understanding life-history evolution. S. benedicti is the only known species with a heritable developmental dimorphism, where females produce two distinct types of offspring with different developmental trajectories. Our projects focus on comparative oogenesis, embryology, and larval biology of the two developmental morphs, and intermediate types. In this system we can integrate aspects of ecology, evolution, developmental biology, and genomics to answer questions about the genetic basis of developmental evolution. More info about Streblospio and the lab’s projects can be found here: Zakas Lab

The Postdoc project involves comparing expression differences during embryogenesis at the single-blastomere level to determine the spatial and temporal differences that regulate development. We are interested in determining the role of autonomous maternal factors on developmental program and understanding how maternal gene regulation results in different developmental modes. The approach is flexible, but possible projects include single-cell seq and ATAC-seq. We are also starting to develop CRISPR transgenic lines. Informal inquiries are welcome.


The ideal candidate has a background in developmental biology/embryology/EvoDevo or a related field and is interested in learning molecular genetic techniques. Experience with high resolution microscopy, lineage tracing, immunostaining, in situs, microinjections, etc. of embryos is ideal, but not required. The postdoc will receive necessary training in bioinformatics and transcriptional analyses.page1image54282304

NC State is a major research University situated in the Research Triangle Park with Duke, UNC, Chapel Hill, and many biotech companies.

We support diversity and inclusion. Candidates from minoritized backgrounds are strongly

To apply: Please email Dr. Zakas czakas(a)

Closing Date: 31 July 2021

Scientific fields: Early embryogenesis, Evo-devo and eco-evo-devo, Gene regulation

Model systems: Other invertebrate

Duration: Fixed term

Minimum qualifications: PhD

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