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Posted by , on 10 May 2024

The School is designed for Master’s students, PhD students and Postdocs who work in the field studying the Transcriptional Control of the Genome during Embryonic Development, Cell Differentiation, and Disease, or for those who would like to approach it.

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One of the primary focuses will be to discuss how to combine “wet” and “dry” technologies to address computationally demanding, important biological questions.

A key feature of this course will be the low ratio between participants and teachers/speakers. This will allow each participant to come in close contact with successful scientists and learn how they developed key technologies to respond to pressing questions in their field.

The course will include talks, group discussions and group activities.

In addition to subject matter-specific topics introduced by professors, you will also benefit of hands-on analytical and computational sessions on:

  • Barcode-based Lineage Trancing
  • Understanding the 3D Genome
  • Transcription Factors and Peak Calling
  • in situ hybridization combined with scRNAseq

An important innovation of this year is that previous summer school participants, on the wave of their current scientific successes, have been selected to teach.

Participate and candidate yourself to being the next generation teacher!

The school will also include a short course on scientific writing for developmental and cancer biologists.

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