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July in preprints

Posted by , on 1 August 2016

Our latest monthly trawl for preprints. See June’s post for background, and let us know if we missed anything

This month we found preprints on various themes in developmental biology, as well as a lot of work that we hope will be of general interest to the community.

One of July’s most talked-about preprints tackled a subject felt keenly by most scientists, let alone developmental biologists: the journal impact factor. Vincent Lariviere, Stephen Curry and colleagues from Springer, AAAS, PloS, The Royal Society, eLife and EMBO presented an alternative method to generate citation distributions. July’s tranche also features zebrafish lamination and echinoderm regeneration, a hefty dose of evo-devo,  plenty of techniques and resources, and expanded genomes for humans, flies and mice.

The preprints listed below are hosted on biorxiv, arxiv and F1000Research.

Happy preprinting!


Developmental Biology & Related




In Silico Modelling/Tools/Stats







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