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Launch of Microscopya – an educational game from Beata Science Art

Posted by , on 8 July 2022

8 July 2022 sees the full launch of Microscopya, a video game that takes its player inside the wonderfully complex world of the cell. One of the creators of Microscopya is Beata Mierzwa, who we heard from in one of the earliest SciArt features on the Node. You can read more about the game, its aims and its creators in the press release posted on FocalPlane.

Having tried the game with my family, I can confirm that it appeals to all ages with its beautiful visuals and soundtrack. Whilst younger children might not pick up on all the details (we had a dinner table conversation about a ‘metrotron’ being the powerhouse of the cell!), they loved the microtubule roads and playing the games to win trophies.

You can find out more about Microscopya in the following places:

Twitter: @microscopyagame

Instagram: @microscopyagame

Facebook: @microscopyagame


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