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List of virtual talks, seminars, forums in 2021

Posted by , on 11 January 2021

Updated 11 January. Let us know if we missed anything


Various organisations and looser assemblies of locked down researchers have begun to put together online seminar and talk series, many of which are open to anyone (usually with registration), and many of which also have previous talks recorded.

Here’s a list of what we’ve found recently, developmental biology and adjacent – please let us know if we missed anything so we can keep it up to date. For upcoming virtual developmental biology conferences/symposia, see our Events calendar page.


First up from us is Development presents…, the webinar series hosted each month by a different Development Editor which will be a platform for early career researchers to share their work. As well as the talks, you also have the chance to meet the speakers and other participants at interactive video tables – giving the developmental biology community the chance to network virtually.

The next webinar will be Wednesday 13 January, 16.00 GMT, hosted by Swathi Arur and featuring talks from Brandon Scott Carpenter, Hayao Ohno and Swann Floc’hlay.


SDB monthly postdoc seminar series.

Next talk: February 12, Melissa LaBonty & Adam Isabella



Morphogenesis Seminar Series, University of Cambridge

Next talk: January 18, Anna Erzberger


Optical Biology 2021 Seminar Series

Next talk: January 27, Pavel Tomancak



New PIs In Cell-Dev-Biol forum

Next talk: January 15th, Felicity Davis. Check out the poster above for full 2021 list – all the way to December!


RNA, Stem Cells, and Technology in Development – China-Korea-Japan Joint Symposium on Developmental Studies

February 1 13:30 – 18:30(JST/KST), 12:30 – 17:30(CST)


Teaching Dev Bio Forum

With Michael Barresi – next session is January 28 – email to gain access.


MiR@W Day: Modelling and measuring the landscapes of early embryonic development

January 25 – The workshop will run from 14:00 until 18:15


Neural Crest Research Colloquia

Next talk: January 19, Marcos Simoes-Costa


Weinstein Cardiovascular Development & Regeneration

Next talk tbc


Zebrafish Disease Models Society Virtual Seminars

Next talk: January 12, Xiao Zhao, Rosa Uribe and Olov Andersson


Drosophila Methods Workshop

January 19


Vertebrate Gastrulation Zoom Talks

Next talk: January 14, Ray Keller & Karen Kasza


QMUL Epigenetics Hub Webinars

Next talk: January 12, Stephan Beck.


Plantae Presents – A New Global Plant Science Talk Series

Next talk: January 20 – Short talks on specialised metabolites.


PlantPostdocs Seminar Series

Now accepting applications for Feb-April


GARNet-Presents Plant Science Webinar

Next talk: January 12, Sarah Blackford



Flatworm Fridays – a trainee-centered virtual series focused on flatworms and related critters

Next talk: February 26


Spiraliabase Virtual Lab Meetings

Next meeting: 11 February, SEM and TEM imaging.


Cnidofest Zoom Seminars

Next talks: January 20, Chiara Sinigaglia & Dylan Faltine-Gonzales


Fragile Nucleome – online discussion group for scientists interested in chromatin and gene regulation

Next talk: January 13, Maggie Chasse & Fred Winston


2020 BSCB GenSoc UK Cilia Network e-Symposium

Next talk: January 12, Muneyoshi Ichikawa, Sónia Gomes Pereira, Monica Veneres, Alexandre Dumoulin, Thao Phan, Philippe Bastin


World Wide Neuro – Neuroscience seminars online

Next devbio talk: January 11, Ryusuke Niwa


Neuro Zoom: lively neuroscience research talks every week

Next talk: Janurary 11: Kaiwen He & Juan Song


BPPB (Biological Physics/Physical Biology) Seminars

Next talk: January 15, Robijn Bruinsma


Blood and Bone Seminar Series

Next talk: January 12, Craig Morrell


International Zebrafish Society Webinars

Next talk: January 14, Evolutionary Studies:
Just Under the Surface: Leveraging Zebrafish to Understand the Interplay Between Evolution and Development


Cell Size & Growth

Next talks: January 19, Xili Lui.


Cell Migration Virtual Seminars


Nucleus Science Talks


Muscle science talks

Next talk: January 11, Helen Blau


Motors in Quarantine

Next talk: January 13, Helene Bouvrais & Arne Gennerich


Aging Science Talks: Science for the Community

Next talk: January 20, How aging and disease drive stem cell dysfunction


Symbiosis weekly talks


MicroSeminar- Free Web-based Microbiology Seminar Series




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