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List of virtual talks, seminars, forums

Posted by , on 30 October 2020

Updated 30 October . Let us know if we missed anything


Various organisations and looser assemblies of locked down researchers have begun to put together online seminar and talk series, many of which are open to anyone (usually with registration), and many of which also have previous talks recorded.

Here’s a list of what we’ve found recently, developmental biology and adjacent – please let us know if we missed anything so we can keep it up to date. For upcoming virtual developmental biology conferences/symposia, see our recently updated Events calendar page.

Big news from us is Development presents…, the webinar series hosted each month by a different Development Editor which will be a platform for early career researchers to share their work. As well as the talks, you also have the chance to meet the speakers and other participants at interactive video tables – giving the developmental biology community the chance to network virtually.

The next webinar will be Wednesday 11 November 2020, 19.00 GMT, with Helen Rankin Willsey, Eric Brooks and a third speaker tbc.


Talking about promoting early career researchers, the Society for Developmental Biology in the USA is running a monthly postdoc seminar series. Next one is November 13, speakers TBD (you can see recordings of the October session with Michael Piacentino and Natasha O’Brown on the homepage).


Other series:



Neural Crest Research Colloquia

Next talk: Shuyi Nie, November 04


Zebrafish Disease Models Society Virtual Seminars Sep – Dec 2020

Next talk: November 11, Target Identification for Therapeutic Development with Nicole Anderson, Hudan Liu, Yann Gilbert.





Vertebrate Gastrulation Zoom Talks

Next talk: November 3, Ram Sambasivan, Pierre-Francois Lenne


Club Noyau: Discussion group on nuclear dynamics, nuclear architecture and geomes integrity & expression





New PIs In Cell-Dev-Biol forum

Next talk: October 30, Gautam Dey


QMUL Epigenetics Hub Webinars

Next talk: November 3,Todd Macfarlan


Plantae Presents – A New Global Plant Science Talk Series

Next talk: November 4, Gustavo MacIntosh and Jyothi Vaddasery


GARNet-Presents Plant Science Webinar

Next talk: November 10, Dana Macgregor and Steven Penfield


2020 BSCB GenSoc UK Cilia Network e-Symposium

November 10, Wang Kyaw Twan, Nikolai Klena, Jantje, Gerdes Laura Devlin, Tara Akhshi, Uwe Wolfrum.


Stem Cells at Lunch from KCL Stem Cells

Next talk: November 3, Dominique Bonnet and Ron Weiss


World Wide Neuro – Neuroscience seminars online


Neuro Zoom: lively neuroscience research talks every week

Next talk: November 2, Ji Hu, Sandeep Robert Datta


BPPB (Biological Physics/Physical Biology) Seminars

Next talk: October 30, Gene-Wei Li, Scott Manalis


Blood and Bone Seminar Series


International Zebrafish Society Webinars

Next talk: November 17, Cancer Modelling with Richard White


Evolution & Ecology Seminars


Fragile Nucleome – online discussion group for scientists interested in chromatin and gene regulation

Next talk: November 4, Yanfeng He, Fracois Robert




Spiraliabase Virtual Lab Meetings

Next meeting: November 12, Spiralia Phylogenetics with Gonzalo Giribet, Andreas Hejnol


Cnidofest Zoom Seminars

Next talks: November 18, Maria Sachkova, Wataru Yamamoto


Cell Size & Growth

Next talks: November 3, ,Bree Aldridge, Nic Tapon


Cell Migration Virtual Seminars

Next talk: November 10,  Cynthia Reinhart-King




Nucleus Science Talks

Next talk: November 11, Pere Roca-Cusachs


Muscle science talks

Next talk: November 16, Justin Boyer


Motors in Quarantine

Next talk: November 4, Marija Zanic, George Shubeita


Aging Science Talks: Science for the Community

Next talk: November 4, Antoneta Granic, Sian Henson, Christina Camell, Joan Mannick


Symbiosis weekly talks


MicroSeminar- Free Web-based Microbiology Seminar Series





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