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May in preprints

Posted by , on 1 June 2020

Welcome to our monthly trawl for developmental biology (and related) preprints. 


A real monster of a month, May, with masses of preprints uploaded by scientists in various stages of lockdown. Let us know if we missed anything and use these links to get to the section you want:


Developmental biology

Patterning & signalling

Morphogenesis & mechanics

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Developmental biology

| Patterning & signalling


Frizzled-dependent Planar Cell Polarity without Wnt Ligands
Joyce J.S. Yu, Aude Maugarny-Calès, Stéphane Pelletier, Cyrille Alexandre, Yohanns Bellaiche, Jean-Paul Vincent, Ian J. McGough


Fly glia from Dong, et al.


Hedgehog signalling and lipid metabolism in glia regulate neural stem cell proliferation in Drosophila
Qian Dong, Michael Zavortink, Francesca Froldi, Tammy Lam, Louise Y. Cheng


Muscle-derived Myoglianin regulates Drosophila melanogaster imaginal disc growth
Ambuj Upadhyay, Aidan J Peterson, Myung-Jun Kim, Michael B O’Connor


Regulation of blood cell transdifferentiation by oxygen sensing neurons in Drosophila
Sean Corcoran, Anjeli Mase, Yousuf Hashmi, Debra Ouyang, Jordan Augsburger, Thea Jacobs, Katelyn Kukar, Katja Brückner


Drosophila insulin-like peptide 8 (DILP8) in ovarian follicle cells regulates ovulation and metabolism
Sifang Liao, Dick R. Nässel


Rala and the exocyst control Pvr trafficking and signaling to ensure lymph gland homeostasis in Drosophila melanogaster
Helene Knævelsrud, Caroline Baril, Gwenaëlle Gavory, Jorrit M Enserink, Marc Therrien


An evolutionarily conserved metallophosphodiesterase is a determinant of lifespan in Drosophila
Kriti Gupta, Vishnu Janardan, Sanghita Banerjee, Sveta Chakrabarti, Swarna Srinivas, Deepthi Mahishi-Vasuki, RAGHU PADINJAT, Sandhya S Visweswariah


The oncometabolite L-2-hydroxyglutarate is a common product of Dipteran larval development
Nader H. Mahmoudzadeh, Alexander J. Fitt, Daniel B. Schwab, William E. Martenis, Lauren M. Nease, Charity G. Owings, Garrett J. Brinkley, Hongde Li, Jonathan A. Karty, Sunil Sudarshan, Richard W. Hardy, Armin P. Moczek, Christine J. Picard, Jason M. Tennessen


Gap junctions deliver malonyl-CoA from soma to germline to support embryogenesis in Caenorhabditis elegans
Todd A. Starich, David Greenstein


Worm phasmid dendrites from Hong, et al.


An extracellular protein regulates patched-related/DAF-6-mediated sensory compartment formation in C. elegans
Hui Hong, Huicheng Chen, Yuxia Zhang, Zhimao Wu, Yingying Zhang, Yingyi Zhang, Zeng Hu, Jian Zhang, Kun Lin, Jinghua Hu, Qing Wei


Adrenergic activation modulates the signal from the Reissner fiber to cerebrospinal fluid-contacting neurons during development
Yasmine Cantaut Belarif, Margot Penru, Adeline Orts Del’Immagine, Guillaume Pézeron, Claire Wyart, Pierre-Luc Bardet


Zebrafish neutrophils from Lamichhane, et al.


Syndecan 2 regulates hematopoietic lineages and infection resolution in zebrafish
Bhawika Sharma Lamichhane, Brent W. Bisgrove, Yi-Chu Su, Bradley L. Demarest, H. Joseph Yost


Wnt3 distribution in the zebrafish brain is determined by expression, diffusion and multiple molecular interactions
Sapthaswaran Veerapathiran, Cathleen Teh, Shiwen Zhu, Indira Kartigayen, Vladimir Korzh, Paul T. Matsudaira, Thorsten Wohland


Fish retinas from Piedade, et al.


Proteasome-mediated regulation of Cdhr1a by Siah1 modulates photoreceptor development and survival in zebrafish.
Warlen Piedade, Kayla Titialii-Torres, Ann Morris, Jakub Famulski


Wnt16 Elicits a Protective Effect Against Fractures and Supports Bone Repair in Zebrafish
Lucy M. McGowan, Erika Kague, Alistair Vorster, Elis Newham, Stephen Cross, Chrissy L. Hammond


Gastrula maps in Xiong, et al.


Light-Sheet Fluorescence Imaging Charts the Gastrula Origin of Vascular Endothelial Cells in Early Zebrafish Embryos
Jing-Wei Xiong, Meijun Pang, Linlu Bai, Weijian Zong, Xu Wang, Ye Bu, Connie Xiong, Jiyuan Zheng, Jieyi Li, Weizheng Gao, Zhiheng Feng, Liangyi Chen, Jue Zhang, Heping Cheng, Xiaojun Zhu


Dynamics of primitive streak regression controls the fate of neuro-mesodermal progenitors in the chicken embryo
Charlene Guillot, Arthur Michaut, Brian Rabe, Olivier Pourquié


Essential amnion signals for primate primitive streak formation resolved by scRNA map
Ran Yang, Alexander Goedel, Yu Kang, Chenyang Si, Chu Chu, Yi Zheng, Zhenzhen Chen, Peter J. Gruber, Yao Xiao, Chikai Zhou, Chuen-Yan Leung, Yongchang Chen, Jianping Fu, Weizhi Ji, Fredrik Lanner, Yuyu Niu, Kenneth R. Chien


Chick neural tube from Shaker, et al.


Spatiotemporal contribution of neuromesodermal progenitor-derived neural cells in the elongation of developing mouse spinal cord
Mohammed R Shaker, Ju-Hyun Lee, Kyung Hyun Kim, Veronica Jihyun Kim, Joo Yeon Kim, Ji Yeoun Lee, Woong Sun


Cell-state transitions and collective cell movement generate an endoderm-like region in gastruloids
Ali Hashmi, Sham Tlili, Pierre Perrin, Alfonso Martinez-Arias, Pierre-François Lenne


Mouse limbs from Zhu, et al.


Sonic Hedgehog is not a limb morphogen but acts as a trigger to specify all digits.
Jianjian Zhu, Anna Trofka, Brian D. Harfe, Susan Mackem


Regulation of meiotic progression by Sertoli-cell androgen signaling
Hailey Larose, Travis Kent, Qianyi Ma, Adrienne Shami, Jun Li, MaryAnn Handel, Sue Sue Hammoud


Developmental Expression of Transforming Growth Factor Induced Protein Promotes NF-Kappa-B Mediated Angiogenesis During Postnatal Lung Development
Min Liu, Cristiana Iosef, Shailaja Rao, Racquel Domingo-Gonzalez, Sha Fu, Paige Snider, Simon J. Conway, Gray S. Umbach, Sarah C. Heilshorn, Ruby E. Dewi, Mar J. Dahl, Donald M. Null, Kurt H. Albertine, Cristina M. Alvira


Sox9EGFP defines biliary epithelial heterogeneity downstream of Yap activity
Deepthi Y Tulasi, Diego Martinez Castaneda, Kortney Wager, Karel P Alcedo, Jesse R Raab, Adam D Gracz


Striped distribution pattern of Purkinje cells of different birthdates in the mouse cerebellar cortex studied with the Neurog2-CreER transgenic line
Jingyun Zhang, Khoa Tran-Anh, Tatsumi Hirata, Izumi Sugihara


Tumor-free elongation of mammalian nephrogenesis by excess fetal GDNF
Hao Li, Jussi Kupari, Yujuan Gui, Edward Siefker, Benson Lu, Kärt Mätlik, Soophie Olfat, Ana R Montaño-Rodríguez, Sung-Ho Huh, Franklin D Costantini, Jaan-Olle Andressoo, Satu Kuure


Mouse heads from Ray, et al.


FGF signaling regulates development through combinatorial transduction pathways and by modulating cellular adhesion
Ayan Ray, Pierre Mazot, J Richard Brewer, Catarina Catela, Philippe Soriano


Mouse cochlea from Chrysostomou, et al.


The Notch Ligand Jagged1 is Required for the Formation, Maintenance, and Survival of Hensen Cells in the Mouse Cochlea
Elena Chrysostomou, Luyi Zhou, Yuanzhao L. Darcy, Kaley A. Graves, Angelika Doetzlhofer, Brandon C. Cox


MET Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Regulates Vagal Laryngeal Motor Neuron Development and Lifespan Ultrasonic Vocal Communication
Anna K. Kamitakahara, Ramin Ali Marandi Ghoddousi, Alexandra L Lanjewar, Valerie M. Magalong, Hsiao-Huei Wu, Pat Levitt


FAM83F regulates canonical Wnt signalling through an interaction with CK1α
Karen Dunbar, Rebecca A Jones, Kevin S Dingwell, Thomas Macartney, James C Smith, Gopal P. Sapkota


A gradient of Wnt activity positions the neurosensory domains of the inner ear
Magdalena Żak, Vincent Plagnol, Nicolas Daudet


Mouse brains from Huang, et al.


Enhanced FGFR3 activity in post-mitotic principal neurons during brain development results in cortical dysplasia and axon miswiring
Jui-Yen Huang, Bruna Baumgarten Krebs, Marisha Lynn Miskus, May Lin Russell, Eamonn Patrick Duffy, Jason Michael Graf, Hui-Chen Lu


14-3-3 shuttles Activity-dependent neuroprotective protein to the cytoplasm to promote appropriate neuronal morphogenesis, cortical connectivity and calcium signaling
Sarah A. Bennison, Sara M. Blazejewski, Xiaonan Liu, Kazuhito Toyo-oka


Latrophilin-2 repels Teneurin-3+ hippocampal axons during target selection
Daniel T. Pederick, Jan H. Lui, Ellen C. Gingrich, Chuanyun Xu, Yuanyuan Liu, Zhigang He, Stephen R. Quake, Liqun Luo


Maturation of complex synaptic connections of layer 5 cortical axons in the posterior thalamic nucleus requires SNAP25
Shuichi Hayashi, Anna Hoerder-Suabedissen, Emi Kiyokage, Catherine Maclachlan, Kazunori Toida, Graham Knott, Zoltán Molnár


PEDF-Rpsa-Itga6 signaling regulates cortical neuronal morphogenesis
Sara M. Blazejewski, Sarah A. Bennison, Ngoc Ha, Xiaonan Liu, Trevor H. Smith, Kimberly J. Dougherty, Kazuhito Toyooka


A non-linear relation between levels of adult hippocampal neurogenesis and expression of the immature neuron marker doublecortin
Indira Mendez-David, Denis J DAVID, Claudine Delomenie, Martin Beaulieu, Alain M Gardier, Rene Hen


Glutathione S-transferase Pi (Gstp) Proteins Regulate Neuritogenesis in the Developing Cerebral Cortex
Xiaonan Liu, Sara M. Blazejewski, Sarah A. Bennison, Kazuhito Toyo-oka


Spinal motoneuron firing properties mature from rostral to caudal during post-natal development of the mouse
Calvin Chad Smith, Robert M Brownstone


mTOR signaling regulates the morphology and migration of outer radial glia in developing human cortex
Madeline G. Andrews, Lakshmi Subramanian, Arnold R. Kriegstein


An unconventional cerebrospinal fluid-derived Semaphorin-signalling regulates apical progenitor dynamics in the developing neocortex
Katrin Gerstmann, Karine Kindbeiter, Ludovic Telley, Muriel Bozon, Camille Charoy, Denis Jabaudon, Frédéric Moret, Valerie Castellani


Maturation of Purkinje cell firing properties relies on granule cell neurogenesis
Meike E. van der Heijden, Elizabeth P. Lackey, Fatma S. Işleyen, Amanda M. Brown, Ross Perez, Tao Lin, Huda Y. Zoghbi, Roy V. Sillitoe


A SMAD1/5-YAP signaling module drives radial glia self-amplification and growth of the developing cerebral cortex
Sonia Najas, Isabel Pijuan, Anna Esteve-Codina, Susana Usieto, Juan D. Martinez, An Zwijsen, Maria L. Arbonés, Elisa Martí, Gwenvael Le Dréau


Astrocytic glutamate uptake coordinates experience-dependent, eye-specific refinement in developing visual cortex
Grayson Sipe, Jeremy Petravicz, Rajeev Rikhye, Rodrigo Garcia, Nikolaos Mellios, Mriganka Sur


Experience-dependent inhibitory plasticity is mediated by CCK+ basket cells in the developing dentate gyrus
Ting Feng, Christian Alicea, Vincent Pham, Amanda Kirk, Simon Pieraut


EM of a blood vessel from Mondo, et al.


A developmental analysis of juxtavascular microglia dynamics and interactions with the vasculature
Erica Mondo, Shannon C Becker, Amanda G Kautzman, Martina Schifferer, Christina E Baer, Jiapei Chen, Eric J Huang, Mikael Simons, Dorothy P Schafer


The floor-plate of His is a non-neuronal electrical conduction pathway
Kalaimakan Herve Arulkandarajah, Guillaume Osterstock, Agathe Lafont, Herve Le Corronc, Nathalie Escalas, Silvia Corsini, Barbara Le Bras, Juliette Boeri, Antonny Czarnecki, Christine Mouffle, Erika Bullier, Elim Hong, Cathy Soula, Pascal Legendre, Jean-Marie Mangin


Environmental Oxygen Regulates Astrocyte Proliferation to Guide Angiogenesis during Retinal Development
Robin M Perelli, Matthew L O’Sullivan, Samantha Zarnick, Jeremy N Kay


Pharyngeal pouches provide a niche microenvironment for arch artery progenitor specification
Aihua Mao, Linwei Li, Jie Liu, Zhang mingming, Guozhu Ning, Yu Cao, Qiang Wang


Tcf21+ mesenchymal cells contribute to testis somatic cell development, homeostasis, and regeneration
Yu-chi Shen, Hailey Larose, Adrienne Niederriter Shami, Lindsay Moritz, Gabriel L. Manske, Qianyi Ma, Xianing Zheng, Meena Sukhwani, Michael Czerwinski, Caleb Sultan, Jourdan Clements, Haolin Chen, Jason R. Spence, Kyle E. Orwig, Michelle Tallquist, Jun Z. Li, Saher Sue Hammoud


MEIS-WNT5A axis regulates development of 4th ventricle choroid plexus
Karol Kaiser, Ahram Jang, Melody P. Lun, Jan Procházka, Ondrej Machon, Michaela Procházková, Benoit Laurent, Daniel Gyllborg, Renée van Amerongen, Petra Kompaníková, Feizhen Wu, Roger A. Barker, Ivana Uramová, Radislav Sedláček, Zbyněk Kozmík, Ernest Arenas, Maria K. Lehtinen, Vítězslav Bryja


Requirement for Anti-Apoptotic MCL-1 during Early Erythropoiesis
Meghan E. Turnis, Ewa Kaminska, Kaitlyn H. Smith, Brittany J. Kartchner, Peter Vogel, Jonathan D. Laxton, Richard A. Ashmun, Paul A. Ney, Joseph T. Opferman


Functional properties of habenular neurons are determined by developmental stage and sequential neurogenesis
Stephanie Fore, Mehmet Ilyas Cosacak, Carmen Diaz Verdugo, Caghan Kizil, Emre Yaksi


Preterm birth impedes structural and functional development of cerebellar Purkinje cells in the developing baboon cerebellum
Tara Barron, Jun Hee Kim



| Morphogenesis & mechanics


Furry is required for cell movements during gastrulation and functionally interacts with NDR1
Ailen S Cervino, Bruno Moretti, Carsten Stuckenholz, Hernan E Grecco, Lance A Davidson, Maria Cecilia Cirio


Multicellular rosettes organize neuropil formation
Christopher A. Brittin, Anthony Santella, Kristopher Barnes, Mark W. Moyle, Li Fan, Ryan Christensen, Irina Kolotuev, William A. Mohler, Hari Shroff, Daniel A. Colón-Ramos, Zhirong Bao


A hydraulic instability drives the cell death decision in the nematode germline
Nicolas T. Chartier, Arghyadip Mukherjee, Julia Pfanzelter, Sebastian Früthauer, Ben T. Larson, Anatol W. Fritsch, Moritz Kreysing, Frank Jülicher, Stephan W Grill


Live Imaging of Intracranial Lymphatics in the Zebrafish
Daniel Castranova, Bakary Samasa, Marin Venero Galanternik, Hyun Min Jung, Van N. Pham, Brant M. Weinstein


Cell fate coordinates mechano-osmotic forces in intestinal crypt morphogenesis
Qiutan Yang, Shi-Lei Xue, Chii Jou Chan, Markus Rempfler, Dario Vischi, Francisca Mauer Gutierrez, Takashi Hiiragi, Edouard Hannezo, Prisca Liberali


Dermomyotome-derived endothelial cells migrate to the dorsal aorta to support hematopoietic stem cell emergence
David Traver, Pankaj Sahai, Claire Pouget, Ondrej Svoboda


RASA1-driven cellular export of collagen IV is required for the development of lymphovenous and venous valves in mice
Di Chen, Xin Geng, Philip E. Lapinski, Michael J. Davis, R. Sathish Srinivasan, Philip D. King


SIRT1 activity orchestrates ECM expression during hESC-chondrogenic differentiation through SOX5 and ARID5B
Christopher A Smith, Paul A. Humphreys, Nicola Bates, Mark A Naven, Stuart A Cain, Susan J. Kimber, Mona Dvir Ginzbrg


Tuba1a is uniquely important for axon guidance through midline commissural structures
Georgia Buscaglia, Jayne Aiken, Katelyn J. Hoff, Kyle R. Northington, Emily A. Bates


The actin-modulating protein Synaptopodin mediates long-term survival of dendritic spines
Kenrick Yap, Alexander Drakew, Dinko Smilovic, Michael Rietsche, Mario Vuksic, Domenico Del Turco, Thomas Deller


Tracking centrioles in the mouse utricle from Tona and Wu.


Live imaging of hair bundle polarity acquisition in the mouse utricle demonstrates a critical timeline for transcription factor Emx2
Yosuke Tona, Doris K. Wu


Endoglycan plays a role in axon guidance and neuronal migration by negatively regulating cell-cell adhesion
Thomas Baeriswyl, Alexandre Dumoulin, Martina Schaettin, Georgia Tsapara, Vera Niederkofler, Denise Helbling, Evelyn Aviles, Jeannine A. Frei, Nicole H. Wilson, Matthias Gesemann, Esther T Stoeckli


Modular and distinct PlexinA4/Farp2/Rac1 signaling controls dendrite morphogenesis
Victor Danelon, Ron Goldner, Edward Martinez, Irena Gokhman, Kimberly Wang, Avraham Yaron, Tracy S. Tran


Roles of developmentally regulated KIF2A alternative isoforms in cortical neuron migration and differentiation
Cansu Akkaya, Dila Atak, Altug Kamacioglu, Busra Aytul Akarlar, Gokhan Guner, Efil Bayam, Ali Cihan Taskin, Nurhan Ozlu, Gulayse Ince-Dunn


Fbxo45 binds SPRY motifs in the extracellular domain of N-cadherin and regulates neuron migration during brain development
Youn Na, Elisa Calvo-Jiménez, Elif Kon, Hong Cao, Yves Jossin, Jonathan A. Cooper


Cadherin-11 is required for neural crest determination and survival
Subrajaa Manohar, Alberto Camacho, Crystal D. Rogers


Downregulation of E-cadherin in pluripotent stem cells triggers partial EMT
C. Aban, A. Lombardi, G. Neiman, M.C. Biani, A. La Greca, A. Waisman, L.N. Moro, G. Sevlever, S. Miriuka, C. Luzzani


Lmo7a Coordinates Neural Crest Migration and Lineage Specification by Regulating Cell Adhesion Dynamics
David Manuel Tatarakis, Adam Tuttle, Thomas F Schilling


Attenuation of the extracellular matrix increases the number of synapses but suppresses synaptic plasticity
Yulia Dembitskaya, Nikolay Gavrilov, Igor Kraev, Maxim Doronin, Olga Tyurikova, Alexey Semyanov


Tracking worm neurons in Barnes, et al.


Cadherin Preserves Cohesion Across Involuting Tissues During C. elegans Neurulation
Kristopher Barnes, Li Fan, Mark W. Moyle, Christopher Brittin, Yichi Xu, Daniel Colón-Ramos, Anthony Santella, Zhirong Bao


Opposing effects of an F-box protein and the HSP90 chaperone network on microtubule stability and neurite growth in Caenorhabditis elegans
Chaogu Zheng, Emily Atlas, Ho Ming Terence Lee, Susan Laura Javier Jao, Ken C. Q. Nguyen, David H. Hall, Martin Chalfie


Role of Drosophila Rap/Fzr (DCdh1) in Retinal Axon Targeting and its Interactions with Loco and Liprin-alpha
Marta Grońska-Pęski, Tadmiri R. Venkatesh


A release-and-capture mechanism generates an essential non-centrosomal microtubule array during tube budding
Ghislain Gillard, Gemma Girdler, Katja Röper


Robustness of epithelial sealing is an emerging property of local ERK feedbacks driven by cell elimination
Léo Valon, Anđela Davidović, Florence Levillayer, Mathilde Chouly, Fabiana Cerqueira-Campos, Romain Levayer


Short distance non-autonomy and intercellular transfer of chitin synthase in Drosophila.
Paul N Adler


Fly lamins in Iyer, et al.


Apico-basal cell compression regulates Lamin A/C levels in Epithelial tissues
K Venkatesan Iyer, Natalie A. Dye, Suzanne Eaton, Frank Jülicher


Microtubule-dependent intracellular trafficking promotes apical constriction during tissue invagination
SeYeon Chung, Thao Phuong Le


Fly trachea from Ricolo and Araujo


Coordinated crosstalk between microtubules and actin by a spectraplakin regulates lumen formation and branching
Delia Ricolo, Sofia J. Araujo


Transneuronal Dpr12/DIP-δ interactions facilitate compartmentalized dopaminergic innervation of Drosophila mushroom body axons
Bavat Bornstein, Idan Alyagor, Victoria Berkun, Hagar Meltzer, Fabienne Reh, Hadas Keren-Shaul, Eyal David, Thomas Riemensperger, Oren Schuldiner


The transmembrane proteins M6 and Anakonda cooperate to initiate tricellular junction assembly in epithelia of Drosophila
Anna Wittek, Manuel Hollmann, Raphael Schleutker, Stefan Luschnig


DAnkrd49 and Bdbt act via Casein Kinase Iε to regulate planar polarity in Drosophila
Helen Strutt, David Strutt


A C. elegans Zona Pellucida domain protein functions via its ZPc domain
Jennifer D. Cohen, Jessica G. Bermudez, Matthew C. Good, Meera V Sundaram


Cell-extracellular matrix interactions in the fluidic phase direct the topology and polarity of self-organized epithelial structures
Mingxing Ouyang, Jiun-Yann Yu, Yenyu Chen, Linhong Deng, Chin-Lin Guo


Size-dependent patterns of cell proliferation and migration in freely-expanding epithelia
Matthew A Heinrich, Ricard Alert, Julienne LaChance, Tom J. Zajdel, Andrej Kosmrlj, Daniel J. Cohen


The role of matrix metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9) in neurodevelopmental deficits and experience-dependent structural plasticity in Xenopus laevis tadpoles
Sayali Gore, Eric J James, Lin-Chien Huang, Jenn J Park, Andrea Berghella, Hollis T Cline, Carlos D Aizenman



| Genes & genomes

Establishment and maintenance of motor neuron identity via temporal modularity in terminal selector function
Yinan Li, Anthony Osuma, Edgar Correa, Munachi Okebalama, Pauline Dao, Olivia Gaylord, Jihad Aburas, Priota Islam, André E.X. Brown, Paschalis Kratsios


C. elegans establishes germline versus soma by balancing inherited histone methylation
Brandon S. Carpenter, Teresa W. Lee, Caroline F. Plott, Jovan S. Brockett, Dexter A. Myrick, David J. Katz


Worm gonads from Herbette, et al.


Cooperation between Caenorhabditis elegans COMPASS and condensin in germline chromatin organization
Marion Herbette, Valerie Robert, Aymeric Bailly, Loic Gely, Robert Feil, David Llères, Francesca Palladino


Multidimensional Chromatin Regulation of Cell Lineage Differentiation in a Metazoan Embryo
Zhiguang Zhao, Rong Fan, Weina Xu, Yangyang Wang, Xuehua Ma, Zhuo Du


The RNA Polymerase II core subunit RPB-9 directs transcriptional elongation at piRNA loci in Caenorhabditis elegans
Ahmet C. Berkyurek, Giulia Furlan, Lisa Lampersberger, Toni Beltran, Eva-Maria Weick, Emily Nischwitz, Isabela Cunha Navarro, Fabian Braukmann, Alper Akay, Jonathan Price, Falk Butter, Peter Sarkies, Eric A. Miska


The impact of genetic background and gender on the increase in mitotic index in response to mating of Drosophila melanogaster
Manashree Malpe, Cordula Schulz


Psi promotes Drosophila wing growth through transcriptional repression of key developmental networks
Olga Zaytseva, Naomi C Mitchell, Caroline Delandre, Zuqin Nie, Maurits Evers, Janis K Werner, John T Lis, Ross D Hannan, David L Levens, Owen J Marshall, Leonie M Quinn


The nuclear to cytoplasmic ratio directly regulates zygotic transcription in Drosophila through multiple modalities
Sahla Syed, Henry Wilky, João Raimundo, Bomyi Lim, Amanda A. Amodeo


An autoregulatory switch in sex-specific phf7 transcription causes loss of sexual identity and tumors in the Drosophila female germline
Anne Smolko, Laura Shapiro-Kulnane, Helen Salz


Analysis of gene network bifurcation during optic cup morphogenesis in zebrafish
Lorena Bono, Silvia Naranjo, Tania Moreno-Marmol, Berta de la Cerda, Rocío Polvillo, Francisco Javier Diaz-Corrales, Ozren Bogdanovic, Paola Bovolenta, Juan-Ramon Martinez-Morales


Extensive transcriptional and chromatin changes underlie astrocyte maturation in vivo and in culture
Michael Lattke, Robert Goldstone, Francois Guillemot


Gene regulatory networks controlling differentiation, survival, and diversification of hypothalamic Lhx6-expressing GABAergic neurons.
Dong Won Kim, Kai Liu, Zoe Qianyi Wang, Yi Stephanie Zhang, Abhijith Bathini, Matthew P. Brown, Sonia Hao Lin, Parris W. Washington, Changyu Sun, Susan Lindtner, Bora Lee, Hong Wang, Tomomi Shimogori, John L.R. Rubenstein, Seth Blackshaw


Transcriptional and epigenetic characterization of early striosomes identifies Foxf2 and Olig2 as factors required for development of striatal compartmentation and neuronal phenotypic differentiation
Maria-Daniela Cirnaru, Sicheng Song, Kizito-Tshitoko Tshilenge, Chuhyon Corwin, Justyna Mleczko, Carlos Galicia Aguirre, Houda Benlhabib, Jaroslav Bendl, Jordi Creus Muncunill, Pasha Apontes, John F. Fullard, Peter Carlsson, Panos Roussos, Sean D. Mooney, Lisa M. Ellerby, Michelle E. Ehrlich


The transcription factor Pou3f1 provides a new map to the glutamatergic neurons of the cerebellar nuclei
Joshua Po Han Wu, Joanna Yeung, Sih-Rong Wu, Huda Zoghbi, Dan Goldowitz


Pluripotency factors select gene expression repertoire at Zygotic Genome Activation
Meijiang Gao, Marina Veil, Marcus Rosenblatt, Anna Gebhard, Helge Hass, Lenka Buryanova, Lev Y. Yampolsky, Björn Grüning, Jens Timmer, Daria Onichtchouk


Cytoplasmic pool of spliceosome protein SNRNP70 regulates the axonal transcriptome and development of motor connectivity
Nikolas Nikolaou, Patricia Gordon, Fursham Hamid, Richard Taylor, Eugene Makeyev, Corinne Houart


Targeted disruption of Pparγ1 promotes trophoblast endoreplication in the murine placenta
Takanari Nakano, Hidekazu Aochi, Masataka Hirasaki, Yasuhiro Takenaka, Koji Fujita, Hiroaki Soma, Hajime Kamezawa, Takahiro Koizumi, Akihiko Okuda, Takayuki Murakoshi, Akira Shimada, Ikuo Inoue


Histone lysine crotonylation regulates cell-fate determination of neural stem/progenitor cells by activating bivalent promoters
Chang-Mei Liu, Shang-Kun Dai, Pei-Pei Liu, Hong-Zhen Du, Xiao Liu, Ya-Jie Xu, Cong Liu, Ying-Ying Wang, Zhao-Qian Teng


Defining a critical enhancer near Nanog using chromatin-focused approaches identifies RNA Pol II recruitment as required for expression
Puja Agrawal, Steven Blinka, Kirthi Pulakanti, Michael H Reimer, Sridhar Rao


3D chromatin organization changes modulate adipogenesis and osteogenesis
Ruo-Han Hao, Yan Guo, Jing Guo, Yu Rong, Shi Yao, Yi-Xiao Chen, Shan-Shan Dong, Dong-Li Zhu, Hao Chen, Tie-Lin Yang


The TFIID subunit Taf4 is required for pancreatic beta cell function and identity
Thomas Kleiber, Guillaume Davidson, Gabrielle Mengus, Igor Martianov, Irwin Davidson


TET1 dioxygenase is required for FOXA2-associated chromatin remodeling in pancreatic beta-cell differentiation
Xinwei Wu, Jianfang Li, Minjung Lee, Qingping Lan, Jia Li, Yun Huang, De-Qiang Sun, Ruiyu Xie


The H3.3 chaperone Hira complex orchestrates oocyte developmental competence
Rowena Smith, Zongliang Jiang, Andrej Susor, Hao Ming, Janet Tait, Marco Conti, Chih-Jen Lin


Transcription Co-Factor LBH Is Necessary for Maintenance of Stereocilia Bundles and Survival of Cochlear Hair Cells
Huizhan Liu, Kimberlee P Giffen, Mhamed Grati, Seth Morrill, Yi Li, Xue Zhong Liu, Karoline J Briegel, David Z.Z. He


Murine histology in Alcaraz, et al.


Strain-dependent modifier genes determine survival in Zfp423 mice
Wendy A. Alcaraz, Zheng Liu, Phoebe Valdes, Edward Chen, Alan G. Valdovino Gonzalez, Shelby Wade, Cinny Wong, Eunnie Kim, Hsiang-Hua M. Chen, Dorothy Concepcion, Bruce Alan Hamilton


A bipartite element with allele-specific functions safeguards DNA methylation imprints at the Dlk1-Dio3 locus
BE Aronson, L Scourzic, V Shah, E Swanzey, A Kloetgen, A Polyzos, A Sinha, A Azziz, I Caspi, J Li, B Pelham-Webb, H Wichterle, A Tsirigos, M Stadtfeld, E Apostolou


Conjugated activation of myocardial-specific transcription of Gja5 by a pair of Nkx2-5-Shox2 co-responsive elements
Tianfang Yang, Zhen Huang, Hua Li, Linyan Wang, YiPing Che


Genome-wide Studies Reveal the Essential and Opposite Roles of ARID1A in Controlling Human Cardiogenesis and Neurogenesis from Pluripotent Stem Cells
Juli Liu, Sheng Liu, Hongyu Gao, Lei Han, Xiaona Chu, Yi Sheng, Yue Wang, Weinian Shou, Yunlong Liu, Jun Wan, Lei Yang


Integrative Single-cell RNA-Seq and ATAC-Seq Analysis of Human Foetal Liver and Bone Marrow Haematopoiesis
Anna Maria Ranzoni, Andrea Tangherloni, Ivan Berest, Simone Giovanni Riva, Brynelle Myers, Paulina M. Strzelecka, Jiarui Xu, Elisa Panada, Irina Mohorianu, Judith B. Zaugg, Ana Cvejic


Translatomic database of cortical astroglia across male and female mouse development reveals two distinct developmental phenotypes
Gareth M. Rurak, Stephanie Simard, François Charih, Amanda Van Geel, John Stead, Barbara Woodside, James R. Green, Gianfilippo Coppola, Natalina Salmaso


Single cell RNA sequencing reveals the landscape of early female germ cell development
Zheng-Hui Zhao, Jun-Yu Ma, Tie-Gang Meng, Zhen-Bo Wang, Wei Yue, Qian Zhou, Sen Li, Xie Feng, Yi Hou, Heide Schatten, Xiang-Hong Ou, Qing-Yuan Sun


Transcriptional Profiling Reveals the Transcription Factor Networks Regulating the Survival of Striatal Neurons
Lin Yang, Zihao Su, Xiaolei Song, Zhenmeiyu Li, Ziwu Wang, Haotian Chen, Zicong Shang, Heng Du, Yan Wen, Guoping Liu, Dashi Qi, Xiaosu Li, Yan You, Zhejun Xu, Zhuangzhi Zhang


Single-cell atlas of human developing and azoospermia patients’ testicles reveals the roadmap and defects in somatic microenvironment
LiangYu Zhao, ChenCheng Yao, XiaoYu Xing, Tao Jing, Peng Li, ZiJue Zhu, Chao Yang, Jing Zhai, RuHui Tian, HuiXing Chen, JiaQiang Luo, NaChuan Liu, ZhiWen Deng, XiaoHan Lin, Na Li, Jing Fang, Jie Sun, ChenChen Wang, Zhi Zhou, Zheng Li


Single cell resolution regulatory landscape of the mouse kidney highlights cellular differentiation programs and renal disease targets
Zhen Miao, Michael S Balzer, Ziyuan Ma, Hongbo Liu, Junnan Wu, Rojesh Shrestha, Tamas Aranyi, Amy Kwan, Ayano Kondo, Marco Pontoglio, Junhyong Kim, Mingyao Li, Klaus H Kaestner, Katalin Susztak


Single cell RNA sequencing reveals regulation of fetal ovary development in the monkey (Macaca fascicularis)
Zheng-Hui Zhao, Chun-Yang Li, Tie-Gang Meng, Yan Wang, Wen-Bo Liu, Ang Li, Yi-Jun Cai, Yi Hou, Heide Schatten, Zhen-Bo Wang, Quin-Yuang Sun, Qiang Sun


Cell states beyond transcriptomics: integrating structural organization and gene expression in hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes
Kaytlyn A. Gerbin, Tanya Grancharova, Rory Donovan-Maiye, Melissa C. Hendershott, Jackson Brown, Stephanie Q. Dinh, Jamie L. Gehring, Matthew Hirano, Gregory R. Johnson, Aditya Nath, Angelique Nelson, Charles M. Roco, Alexander B. Rosenberg, M. Filip Sluzewski, Matheus P. Viana, Calysta Yan, Rebecca J. Zaunbrecher, Kimberly R. Cordes Metzler, Vilas Menon, Sean P. Palecek, Georg Seelig, Nathalie Gaudreault, Theo Knijnenburg, Susanne M. Rafelski, Julie A. Theriot, Ruwanthi N. Gunawardane




| Stem cells, regeneration & disease modelling


Amputated planarians from Bohr, et al.


Planarian stem cells sense the identity of missing tissues to launch targeted regeneration
Tisha E. Bohr, Divya A. Shiroor, Carolyn E. Adler


β-catenin perturbations control differentiation programs in mouse embryonic stem cells
Elisa Pedone, Mario Failli, Gennaro Gambardella, Rossella De Cegli, Diego di Bernardo, Lucia Marucci


Discrete regulation of β-catenin-mediated transcription governs identity of intestinal epithelial stem cells
Costanza Borrelli, Tomas Valenta, Kristina Handler, Karelia Vélez, Giulia Moro, Atefeh Lafzi, Laura de Vargas Roditi, George Hausmann, Andreas E Moor, Konrad Basler


Pituitary stem cells produce paracrine WNT signals to control the expansion of their descendant progenitor cells
John P Russell, Xinhong Lim, Alice Santambrogio, Val Yianni, Yasmine Kemkem, Bruce Wang, Matthew Fish, Scott Haston, Anaëlle Grabek, Shirleen Hallang, Emily J Lodge, Amanda L. Patist, Andreas Schedl, Patrice Mollard, Roeland Nusse, Cynthia L Andoniadou


Dual SMAD inhibition and Wnt inhibition enhances the differentiation of induced pluripotent stem cells into Retinal Ganglion cells (iPSC-RGCs)
Venkata R.M. Chavali, Naqi Haider, Sonika Rathi, Vrathasha Vrathasha, Teja Alapati, Jie He, Kamaljot Gill, Sergei Nikonov, Roman Nikonov, Thu T Duong, Devin S McDougald, Joan M. O’Brien, Jason A Mills


Developmental co-emergence of cardiac and gut tissues modeled by human iPSC-derived organoids
A.C. Silva, O.B. Matthys, D.A. Joy, M.A. Kauss, V. Natarajan, M.H. Lai, D. Turaga, M. Alexanian, B.G. Bruneau, T.C. McDevitt


Single Cell Transcriptomics-guided Antisense Treatment Improves Endoderm Differentiation of iPSCs
Pooja Hor, Vasu Punj, Zea Borok, Amy Ryan, Justin Ichida


Tripartite Inhibition of SRC-WNT-PKC Signalling Consolidates Human Naïve Pluripotency
Jonathan Bayerl, Muneef Ayyash, Tom Shani, Yair Manor, Ohad Gafni, Yael Kalma, Alejandro Aguilera-Castrejon, Mirie Zerbib, Hadar Amir, Daoud Sheban, Shay Geula, Nofar Mor, Leehee Weinberger, Vladislav Krupalnik, Bernardo Oldak, Nir Livnat, Shadi Tarazi, Shadi Tawil, Lior Lasman, Suhair Hanna, Noa Novershtern, Dalit Ben-Yosef, Sergey Viukov, Jacob H. Hanna


Transcriptional profiling reveals fundamental differences in iPS-derived progenitors of endothelial cells (PECs) versus adult circulating EPCs
Elmira Jalilian, William Raimes


Concurrent stem- and lineage-affiliated chromatin programs precede hematopoietic lineage restriction
Fatemeh Safi, Parashar Dhapola, Sarah Warsi, Eva Erlandsson, Ewa Sitnicka, David Bryder, Charlotta Böiers, Ram Krishna Thakur, Göran Karlsson


Mouse embryos from Robledo, et al.


Differential Effects of RASA3 Mutations on Hematopoiesis are Profoundly Influenced by Genetic Background and Molecular Variant
Raymond F. Robledo, Steven L. Ciciotte, Joel H. Graber, Yue Zhao, Amy J. Lambert, Babette Gwynn, Nathaniel J. Maki, Lionel Blanc, Luanne L. Peters


Unique roles of ATAC and SAGA KAT2A complexes in normal and malignant hematopoiesis
Liliana Arede, Elena Foerner, Selinde Wind, Rashmi Kulkarni, Ana Filipa Domingues, Svenja Kleinwaechter, Shikha Gupta, Elisabeth Scheer, Laszlo Tora, Cristina Pina


Spatial confinement and temporal dynamics of selectin ligands enable stable hematopoietic stem cell rolling
Bader Al Alwan, Karmen AbuZineh, Shuho Nozue, Aigerim Rakhmatulina, Mansour Aldehaiman, Asma S. Al-Amoodi, Maged F. Serag, Fajr A. Aleisa, Jasmeen S. Merzaban, Satoshi Habuchi


Spatio-temporal analyses of OCT4 expression and fate transitions in human embryonic stem cells
Sirio Orozco-Fuentes, Laura E. Wadkin, Irina Neganova, Majlinda Lako, Rafael A. Barrio, Andrew W. Baggaley, Anvar Shukurov, Nicholas G. Parker


Hair follicle stem cell progeny heal blisters while pausing skin development
Yu Fujimura, Mika Watanabe, Kota Ohno, Yasuaki Kobayashi, Shota Takashima, Hideki Nakamura, Hideyuki Kosumi, Yunan Wang, Yosuke Mai, Andrea Lauria, Valentina Proserpio, Hideyuki Ujiie, Hiroaki Iwata, Wataru Nishie, Masaharu Nagayama, Salvatore Oliviero, Giacomo Donati, Hiroshi Shimizu, Ken Natsuga


Loss of clathrin heavy chain enhances actin-dependent stiffness of mouse embryonic stem cells
Ridim D Mote, Jyoti Yadav, Surya Bansi Singh, Mahak Tiwari, Shivprasad Patil Patil, Deepa Subramanyam


Mechanochemical control of epidermal stem cell divisions by B-plexins
Chen Jiang, Ahsan Javed, Laura Kaiser, Michele M. Nava, Dandan Zhao, Dominique T. Brandt, Javier Fernández-Baldovinos, Luping Zhou, Carsten Höß, Kovilen Sawmynaden, Arkadiusz Oleksy, David Matthews, Lee S. Weinstein, Hermann-Josef Gröne, Carien M. Niessen, Stefan Offermanns, Sara A. Wickström, Thomas Worzfeld


Polyamine-controlled proliferation and protein biosynthesis are independent determinants of hair follicle stem cell fate
Kira Allmeroth, Christine S. Kim, Andrea Annibal, Andromachi Pouikli, Carlos Andrés Chacón-Martínez, Christian Latza, Adam Antebi, Peter Tessarz, Sara A. Wickström, Martin S. Denzel


Skeletal muscle-derived Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells: influence of different culture conditions on proliferative and myogenic capabilities
Stefano Testa, Carles Sanchez Riera, Ersilia Fornetti, Federica Riccio, Claudia Fuoco, Sergio Bernardini, Jacopo Baldi, Marco Costantini, Maria Laura Foddai, Stefano Cannata, Cesare Gargioli


Modeling cellular crosstalk and organotypic vasculature development with human iPSC-derived endothelial cells and cardiomyocytes
Emmi Helle, Minna Ampuja, Alexandra Dainis, Laura Antola, Elina Temmes, Eero Mervaala, Riikka Kivelä


Cadherin-13 is a critical regulator of GABAergic modulation in human stem cell derived neuronal networks
Britt Mossink, Jon-Ruben van Rhijn, Shan Wang, Eline J. H. van Hugte, Katrin Linda, Jitske Bak, Anouk H. A. Verboven, Martijn Selten, Alessia Anania, Sophie Jansen, Jason M. Keller, Teun Klein Gunnewiek, Chantal Schoenmaker, Astrid Oudakker, Monica Frega, Hans van Bokhoven, Dirk Schubert, Nael Nadif Kasri


Impact of sustained TGFβ receptor inhibition on chromatin accessibility and gene expression in cultured human endometrial MSC
Raffaella Lucciola, Pavle Vrljicak, Caitlin Filby, Saeedeh Darzi, Shanti Gurung, Joanne Muter, Sascha Ott, Jan J Brosens, Caroline E Gargett


Derivation of ringed seal (Phoca hispida) tripotent induced pluripotent stem-like cells
Violetta R. Beklemisheva, Aleksei G. Menzorov


Direct reprogramming of adult hepatocytes to generate LGR5+ endodermal progenitor
Diana Chaker, Christophe Desterke, Nicolas Moniaux, Tony Ernault, Noufissa Oudrhiri, Jamila Faivre, Ali Turhan, Annelise Bennaceur, Frank Griscelli


Dynamics and variability of neuronal subtype responses during regeneration and growth
Jamie A. Havrilak, Layla Al-Shaer, Noor Baban, Nesli Akinci, Michael J. Layden


Fly dendrites from Wang, et al.


Optical control of ERK and AKT signaling promotes axon regeneration and functional recovery of PNS and CNS in Drosophila
Qin Wang, Huaxun Fan, Feng Li, Savanna S Skeeters, Vishnu V Krishnamurthy, Yuanquan Song, Kai Zhang


The Drosophila SWI/SNF chromatin-remodeling complexes BAP and PBAP play separate roles in regulating growth and cell fate during regeneration
Yuan Tian, Rachel K. Smith-Bolton


Regenerating sponges in Soubigou, et al.


Regeneration in sponge Sycon ciliatum mimics postlarval development
Anael Soubigou, Ethan G Ross, Yousef Touhami, Nathan Chrismas, Vengamanaidu Modepalli


Regenerative growth is constrained by brain tumor to ensure proper patterning in Drosophila
Syeda Nayab Fatima Abidi, Rachel K. Smith-Bolton


Pretreatment of aged mice with retinoic acid restores alveolar regeneration via upregulation of reciprocal PDGFRA signaling
Jason J. Gokey, John Snowball, Jenna Green, Marion Waltamath, Jillian J. Spinney, Katharine E. Black, Lida P. Hariri, Yan Xu, Anne-Karina T. Perl


Dynamic patterns of YAP1 expression and cellular localization in the developing and injured utricle
Vikrant Borse, Matthew Barton, Harry Arndt, Tejbeer Kaur, Mark E. Warchol


Bioengineered human skeletal muscle with a Pax7+ satellite cell niche capable of functional regeneration
J.W. Fleming, A.J. Capel, R.P. Rimington, P. Wheeler, O.G. Davies, M.P. Lewis


Phenotypic screening using synthetic CRISPR gRNAs reveals pro-regenerative genes in spinal cord injury
Marcus Keatinge, Themistoklis M. Tsarouchas, Tahimina Munir, Juan Larraz, Davide Gianni, Hui-Hsin Tsai, Catherina G. Becker, David A. Lyons, Thomas Becker


Satellite glial cells promote regenerative growth in sensory neurons
Oshri Avraham, Pan-Yue Deng, Sara Jones, Rejji Kuruvilla, Clay F Semenkovich, Vitaly A Klyachko, Valeria Cavalli


Single cell analysis of the cellular heterogeneity and interactions in the injured mouse spinal cord
Lindsay M Milich, James S Choi, Christine B Ryan, Stephanie L Yahn, Pantelis Tsoulfas, Jae Kyu Lee


New oligodendrocytes exhibit more abundant and accurate myelin regeneration than those that survive demyelination
Sarah A Neely, Jill M Williamson, Anna Klingseisen, Lida Zoupi, Jason J Early, Anna Williams, David A Lyons


Intravital imaging reveals cell cycle-dependent satellite cell migration during muscle regeneration
Yumi Konagaya, Kanako Takakura, Maina Sogabe, Anjali Bisaria, Chad Liu, Tobias Meyer, Atsuko Sehara-Fujisawa, Michiyuki Matsuda, Kenta Terai


Proliferation is a requirement for differentiation of oligodendrocyte progenitor cells during CNS remyelination
Sarah Foerster, Björn Neumann, Crystal McClain, Ludovica Di Canio, Civia Z Chen, Daniel S Reich, Benjamin D Simons, Robin JM Franklin


Axon-dependent expression of YAP/TAZ mediates Schwann cell remyelination but not proliferation after nerve injury
Matthew Grove, Hyunkyoung Lee, Huaqing Zhao, Young-Jin Son


Regenerating motor neurons prime muscle stem cells for myogenesis by enhancing protein synthesis and mitochondrial bioenergetics
Jeongmoon J. Choi, Eun Jung Shin, Woojin M. Han, Shannon E. Anderson, Mahir Mohiuddin, Nan Hee Lee, Thu Tran, Shadi Nakhai, Hyeonsoo Jeong, Anna Shcherbina, Gunjae Jeong, Dong Gun Oh, Laura Weinstock, Sitara B. Sankar, Molly E. Ogle, Lida Katsimpardi, Tata Nageswara Rao, Levi B. Wood, Carlos A. Aguilar, Amy J. Wagers, Young C. Jang


Modeling human TBX5 haploinsufficiency predicts regulatory networks for congenital heart disease
Irfan S. Kathiriya, Kavitha S. Rao, Giovanni Iacono, W. Patrick Devine, Andrew P. Blair, Swetansu K. Hota, Michael H. Lai, Bayardo I. Garay, Reuben Thomas, Henry Z. Gong, Lauren K. Wasson, Piyush Goyal, Tatyana Sukonnik, Gunes A. Akgun, Laure D. Bernard, Brynn N. Akerberg, Fei Gu, Kai Li, William T. Pu, Joshua M. Stuart, Christine E. Seidman, J. G. Seidman, Holger Heyn, Benoit G. Bruneau


STX18-AS1 is a Long Noncoding RNA predisposing to Atrial Septal Defect via downregulation of NKX2-5 in differentiating cardiomyocytes
Yingjuan Liu, Mun-kit Choy, Sabu Abraham, Gennadiy Tenin, Graeme C. Black, Bernard Keavney


Zebrafish embryos in Chrystal, et al.


The Axenfeld-Rieger syndrome gene FOXC1 contributes to left-right patterning
Paul W. Chrystal, Curtis R. French, Francesca Jean, Serhiy Havrylov, Suey van Baarle, Ann-Marie Peturson, Pengfei Xu, J. Gage Crump, David B. Pilgrim, Ordan J. Lehmann, Andrew J. Waskiewicz


A ubiquitin-based mechanism for the oligogenic inheritance of heterotaxy and heart defects
Jennifer H Kong, Cullen B Young, Ganesh V Pusapati, Chandni B Patel, Sebastian Ho, Arunkumar Krishnan, Jiuann-Huey Ivy Lin, William Devine, Anne Moreau de Bellaing, Tejas S Athni, L Aravind, Teresa M Gunn, Cecilia W Lo, Rajat Rohatgi


Alterations in neuronal physiology, development, and function associated with a common duplication of chromosome 15 involving CHRNA7
Kesavan Meganathan, Ramachandran Prakasam, Dustin Baldridge, Paul Gontarz, Bo Zhang, Fumihiko Urano, Azad Bonni, James E. Huettner, John N. Constantino, Kristen L. Kroll


A KCNQ2 variant causing Early Onset Epileptic Encephalopathy increases spontaneous network-driven activity and excitability of pyramidal cells in the layer II/III and V of the motor cortex during a limited period of development
Najoua Biba, Marie Kurz, Laurent Villard, Mathieu Milh, Helene Becq, Laurent Aniksztejn


Interpreting the pathogenicity of Joubert Syndrome missense variants in Caenorhabditis elegans
Karen I. Lange, Sofia Tsiropoulou, Katarzyna Kucharska, Oliver E. Blacque


A CRISPR/Cas9-Based Approach For Editing Immortalised Human Myoblasts To Model Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy In Vitro
Patricia Soblechero-Martin, Edurne Albiasu-Arteta, Aina Anton-Martinez, Iker Garcia-Jimenez, Gabriela Gonzalez-Iglesias, Irene Larranaga-Aiestaran, Andrea Lopez-Martinez, Javier Poyatos-Garcia, Estibaliz Ruiz-Del-Yerro, Federico Gonzalez, Virginia Arechavala-Gomeza


Modelling the developmental spliceosomal craniofacial disorder Burn-McKeown syndrome using induced pluripotent stem cells
Katherine A Wood, Charlie F Rowlands, Huw B Thomas, Steven Woods, Julieta O’Flaherty, Sofia Douzgou, Susan J Kimber, William G Newman, Raymond O’Keefe


Cell-type-specific synaptic imbalance and disrupted homeostatic plasticity in cortical circuits of ASD-associated Chd8 haploinsufficient mice
Robert A Ellingford, Emilie Rabeshala de Meritens, Raghav Shaunak, Liam Naybour, M. Albert Basson, Laura C Andreae


Neurodevelopmental deficits and cell-type-specific transcriptomic perturbations in a mouse model of HNRNPU haploinsufficiency
Sarah A. Dugger, Ryan S. Dhindsa, Gabriela De Almeida Sampaio, Elizabeth E. Rafikian, Sabrina Petri, Verity A. Letts, Jiaiie Teoh, Junqiang Ye, Sophie Colombo, Mu Yang, Michael J. Boland, Wayne N. Frankel, David B. Goldstein


Multiple sclerosis iPSC-derived oligodendroglia conserve their intrinsic properties to functionally interact with axons and glia in vivo
Sabah Mozafari, Laura Starost, Blandine Manot-Saillet, Beatriz Garcia-Diaz, Yu Kang T. Xu, Delphine Roussel, Marion J. F. Levy, Linda Ottoboni, Kee-Pyo Kim, Hans R. Schöler, Timothy E. Kennedy, Jack P. Antel, Gianvito Martino, Maria Cecilia Angulo, Tanja Kuhlmann, Anne Baron-Van Evercooren


Antiviral signalling in human IPSC-derived neurons recapitulates neurodevelopmental disorder phenotypes
Katherine Warre Cornish, Leo Perfect, Roland Nagy, Matthew J Reid, Annett Mueller, Amanda Evans, Cédric Ghevaert, Grainne McAlonan, Eva Loth, Declan Murphy, Deepak P Srivastava, Jack Price


MRI-guided histology of TDP-43 knock-in mice implicates parvalbumin interneuron loss, impaired neurogenesis and aberrant neurodevelopment in ALS-FTD
Ziqiang Lin, Eugene Kim, Mohi Ahmed, Gang Han, Camilla Simmons, Yushi Redhead, Jack Bartlett, Luis Emiliano Pena Altamira, Isobel Callaghan, Matthew White, Nisha Singh, Stephen Sawiak, Tara Spires-Jones, Anthony C Vernon, Michael Coleman, Jeremy B A Green, Christopher Henstridge, Jeff S Davies, View ORCID ProfileDiana Cash, Jemeen Sreedharan



| Plant development


Shoot and root thermomorphogenesis are linked by a developmental trade-off
Christophe Gaillochet, Yogev Burko, Matthieu Pierre Platre, Ling Zhang, Jan Simura, Vinod Kumar, Karin Ljung, Joanne Chory, Wolfgang Busch


Mutually opposing activity of PIN7 splicing isoforms is required for auxin-mediated tropic responses in Arabidopsis thaliana
Ivan Kashkan, Mónika Hrtyan, Roberta Filepová, Zuzana Vondráková, Jan Hejátko, Sibu Simon, Debbie Rombaut, Thomas B. Jacobs, Mikko J. Frilander, Jiří Friml, Jan Petrášek, Kamil Růžička



Sphingolipids mediate polar sorting of PIN2 through phosphoinositide consumption at the trans-Golgi Network
Yoko Ito, Nicolas Esnay, Matthieu Pierre Platre, Lise C. Noack, Wilhelm Menzel, Stéphane Claverol, Patrick Moreau, Yvon Jaillais, Yohann Boutté


Gene Expression Changes Occurring at Bolting Time are Associated with Leaf Senescence in Arabidopsis
Will E Hinckley, Judy A Brusslan


Arabidopsis tissues from Shao, et al.


VST Family Proteins are Regulators of Root System Architecture in Rice and Arabidopsis
Yanlin Shao, Kevin R Lehner, Hongzhu Zhou, Isaiah W Taylor, Chuanzao Mao, Philip N Benfey


Nature and effective range of non-cell autonomous activator and inhibitor peptides specifying plant stomatal patterning
Scott Zeng, Emily K. W. Lo, Bryna J. Hazelton, Miguel F. Morales, Keiko U. Torii


Brassinosteroids Influence Arabidopsis Hypocotyl Graviresponses Through Changes In Mannans And Cellulose
Marc Somssich, Filip Vandenbussche, Alexander Ivakov, Norma Funke, Colin Ruprecht, Kris Vissenberg, Dominique Van Der Straeten, Staffan Persson, Dmitry Suslov


Pistils from Desnoyer, et al.


AtPIG-S, a predicted Glycosylphosphatidylinositol Transamidase Subunit, is critical for pollen tube growth in Arabidopsis
Nick Desnoyer, Greg Howard, Emma Jong, Ravishankar Palanivelu


Transcriptome and translatome changes in germinated pollen under heat stress uncover roles of transporter genes involved in pollen tube growth.
Laetitia Poidevin, Javier Forment, Dilek Unal, Alejandro Ferrando


Functional Characterization of fer-ts, a ts- FERONIA Mutant Allele That Alters Root Hair Growth
Daewon Kim, Fangwei Gu, Sungjin Park, Jonathon Combs, Alexander Adams, Heather B. Mayes, Erik Nielsen


Nighttime gibberellin biosynthesis is influenced by fluctuating environmental conditions and contributes to growth adjustments of Arabidopsis leaves
Putri Prasetyaningrum, Lorenzo Mariotti, Maria Cristina Valeri, Giacomo Novi, Stijn Dhondt, Dirk Inzé, Pierdomenico Perata, Hans van Veen


Arabidopsis SMN2/HEN2, Encoding DEAD-box RNA Helicase, Governs Proper Expression of the Resistance Gene SMN1/RPS6 and Is Involved in Dwarf, Autoimmune Phenotypes of mekk1 and mpk4 Mutants
Momoko Takagi, Naoki Iwamoto, Yuta Kubo, Takayuki Morimoto, Hiroki Takagi, Fuminori Takahashi, Takumi Nishiuchi, Keisuke Tanaka, Teruaki Taji, Hironori Kaminaka, Kazuo Shinozaki, Kazuya Akimitsu, Ryohei Terauchi, Ken Shirasu, Kazuya Ichimura


Asymmetric Expression of Argonautes in Arabidopsis Reproductive Tissues
PE Jullien, DMV Bonnet, N Pumplin, JA Schroeder, O Voinnet


Removal of repressive histone marks creates epigenetic memory of recurring heat in Arabidopsis
Nobutoshi Yamaguchi, Satoshi Matsubara, Kaori Yoshimizu, Motohide Seki, Kouta Hamada, Mari Kamitani, Yuko Kurita, Soichi Inagaki, Takamasa Suzuki, Eng-Seng Gan, Taiko To, Tetsuji Kakutani, Atsushi J Nagano, Akiko Satake, Toshiro Ito


iDePP: a genetically encoded system for the inducible depletion of PI(4,5)P2 in Arabidopsis thaliana.
Mehdi Doumane, Leia Colin, Alexis Lebecq, Aurelie Fangain, Joseph Bareille, Olivier Hamant, Youssef Belkhadir, Yvon Jaillais, Marie-Cecile Caillaud


Network analysis prioritizes DEWAX and ICE1 as the candidate genes for two major eQTL hotspots in seed germination
Margi Hartanto, Ronny V. L. Joosen, Basten L. Snoek, Leo A. J. Willems, Mark G. Sterken, Dick de Ridder, Henk W. M. Hilhorst, Wilco Ligterink, Harm Nijveen


SUMOylation of rice DELLA SLR1 modulates transcriptional responses and improves yield under salt stress
Nuno M. Gonçalves, Telma Fernandes, Cátia Nunes, Margarida T.G. Rosa, Cleverson C. Matiolli, Mafalda A.A. Rodrigues, Pedro M. Barros, M. Margarida Oliveira, Isabel A. Abreu


Rice pollen in Zhang, et al.


The rice pentatricopeptide repeat protein PPR756 is involved in pollen development by affecting multiple RNA editing in mitochondria
Qiannan Zhang, Yanghong Xu, Jishuai Huang, Kai Zhang, Haijun Xiao, Xiaojian Qin, Linlin Zhu, Yingguo Zhu, Jun Hu


Dicer-like 5 deficiency confers temperature-sensitive male sterility in maize
Chong Teng, Han Zhang, Reza Hammond, Kun Huang, Blake Meyers, Virginia Walbot


Cis-regulatory elements within TEs can influence expression of nearby maize genes
Jaclyn M Noshay, Alexandre P Marand, Sarah N Anderson, Peng Zhou, Maria Katherine Mejia Guerra, Zefu Lu, Christine O’Connor, Peter A Crisp, Candice N. Hirsch, Robert J Schmitz, Nathan M Springer


Ppd-1 Remodels Spike Architecture by Regulating Floral Development in wheat
Yangyang Liu, Lili Zhang, Michael Melzer, Liping shen, Ziying Wang, Zhiwen Sun, Thorsten Schnurbusch, Zifeng Guo


Functional analysis of the teosinte branched 1 genes in the tetraploid switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) by CRISPR/Cas9-directed mutagenesis
YANG LIU, Weiling Wang, Bing Yang, Christopher Currey, Shui-zhang Fei


Organogenesis and Vasculature of Anaxagorea Revealing the Axial Homologs in the Carpel and its Implications for the Origin of Angiosperms
Ya Li, Wei Du, Shuai Wang, Xiao-Fan Wang


A heat-shock inducible system for flexible gene expression in cereals
Sophie A Harrington, Anna E. Backhaus, Samantha Fox, Christian Rogers, Philippa Borrill, Cristobal Uauy, Annis Richardson




Evo-devo & evo

An updated staging system for cephalochordate development: one table suits them all
João E Carvalho, François Lahaye, Luok Wen Yong, Jenifer C Croce, Hector Escriva, Jr-Kai Yu, Michael Schubert


Brachyury controls Ciona notochord fate as part of a feedforward network and not as a unitary master regulator
Wendy M Reeves, Kotaro Shimai, Konner M Winkley, Michael T Veeman


Non-thalamic origin of zebrafish sensory relay nucleus: convergent evolution of visual pathways in amniotes and teleosts
Solal Bloch, Hanako Hagio, Manon Thomas, Aurelie Heuze, Jean-Michel Hermel, Elodie Lasserre, Ingrid Colin, Kimiko Saka, Pierre Affaticati, Arnim Jenett, Koichi Kawakami, Naoyuki Yamamoto, Kei Yamamoto


Opsin gene expression in larval and adult deep-sea fishes supports a conserved cone-to-rod pathway in teleost visual development
Nik Lupše, Fabio Cortesi, Marko Freese, Lasse Marohn, Jan-Dag Pohlman, Klaus Wysujack, Reinhold Hanel, Zuzana Musilova


Evolutionary Changes in Left-Right Visceral Asymmetry in Astyanax Cavefish
Li Ma, Mandy Ng, Janet Shi, Aniket V. Gore, Daniel Castranova, Brant M. Weinstein, William R. Jeffery


Cavefish from Tanvir, et al.


Evolutionary and homeostatic changes in morphology of visual dendrites of Mauthner cells in Astyanax blind cavefish
Zainab Tanvir, Daihanna Rivera, Kristen Severi, Gal Haspel, Daphne Soares


Spider eyes from Gainett, et al.


How spiders make their eyes: Systemic paralogy and function of retinal determination network homologs in arachnids
Guilherme Gainett, Jesús A. Ballesteros, Charlotte R. Kanzler, Jakob T. Zehms, John M. Zern, Shlomi Aharon, Efrat Gavish-Regev, Prashant P. Sharma


Tim29 is required for stem cell activity during regeneration in the flatworm Macrostomum lignano
Stijn Mouton, Kirill Ustyantsev, Frank Beltman, Lisa Glazenburg, Eugene Berezikov


Multiple roles for laccase2 in butterfly wing pigmentation, scale development, and cuticle tanning
Ceili L. Peng, Anyi Mazo-Vargas, Benjamin J. Brack, Robert D. Reed


Butterfly scales from Livraghi, et al.


The gene cortex controls scale colour identity in Heliconius
Luca Livraghi, Joseph J. Hanly, Ling Sheng Loh, Anna Ren, Ian A. Warren, Carolina Concha, Charlotte Wright, Jonah M. Walker, Jessica Foley, Henry Arenas-Castro, Lucas Rene Brenes, Arnaud Martin, W. Owen McMillan, Chris D. Jiggins


Sexually dimorphic traits and male-specific differentiation are actively regulated by Doublesex during specific developmental windows in Nasonia vitripennis
Yidong Wang, Anna Rensink, Ute Fricke, Megan C. Riddle, Carol Trent, Louis van de Zande, Eveline C. Verhulst


Choanoflagellates and the ancestry of neurosecretory vesicles
Ronja Göhde, Benjamin Naumann, Davis Laundon, Cordelia Imig, Kent McDonald, Benjamin H. Cooper, Frederique Varoqueaux, Dirk Fasshauer, Pawel Burkhardt


Short-term heritable variation overwhelms two hundred generations of mutational variance for metabolic traits in Caenorhabditis elegans
Charles F. Baer, Dan Hahn, Lindsay M Johnson, Olivia J Smith


Tracing animal genomic evolution with the chromosomal-level assembly of the freshwater sponge Ephydatia muelleri
Nathan James Kenny, Warren R Francis, Ramón E Rivera-Vicéns, Ksenia Juravel, Alex de Mendoza, Cristina Díez-Vives, Ryan Lister, Luis Bezares-Calderon, Lauren Grombacher, Maša Roller, Lael D Barlow, Sara Camilli, Joseph F Ryan, Gert Wörheide, April L Hill, Ana Riesgo, Sally Leys


Convergence in sympatry: evolution of blue-banded wing pattern in Morpho butterflies
Violaine LLAURENS, Yann Le Poul, Agathe Puissant, Camille Nous, Patrick Blandin, Vincent Debat


Genetic and environmental canalization are not associated among altitudinally varying populations of Drosophila melanogaster
Maria Pesevski, Ian Dworkin


Phenotypes to remember: Evolutionary developmental memory capacity and robustness
András Szilágyi, Péter Szabó, Mauro Santos, Eörs Szathmáry



Cell biology


Microtubule re-organization during female meiosis in C. elegans
Ina Lantzsch, Che-Hang Yu, Hossein Yazdhkasti, Norbert Lindow, Erik Szentgyoergyi, Steffen Prohaska, Martin Srayko, Sebastian Fuerthauer, Stefanie Redemann


Microtubules originate asymmetrically at the somatic Golgi and are guided via Kinesin2 to maintain polarity within neurons
Amrita Mukherjee, Paul Brooks, Fred Bernard, Antoine Guichet, Paul T. Conduit


Fractured fins in Stevenson, et al.


Giantin is required for intracellular N-terminal processing of type I procollagen
Nicola Stevenson, Dylan Bergen, Chrissy L Hammond, David John Stephens


Myc-dependent cell competition and proliferative response requires induction of the ribosome biogenesis regulator Peter Pan
Norman Zielke, Anna Vähärautio, Jianping Liu, Jussi Taipale


Drosophila phosphatidylinositol-4 kinase fwd promotes mitochondrial fission and can suppress Pink1/parkin phenotypes
Ana Terriente-Felix, Emma L Wilson, Alexander J Whitworth


Polarized endosome dynamics engage cytosolic Par-3 and dynein during asymmetric division
Xiang Zhao, Kai Tong, xingye Chen, Bin Yang, Qi Li, Zhipeng Dai, Xiaoyu Shi, Ian Seiple, Bo Huang, Su Guo


Hematopoietic progenitors polarize in contact with bone marrow stromal cells by engaging CXCR4 receptors.
Thomas Bessy, Benoit Souquet, Benoit Vianay, Alexandre Schaeffer, Thierry Jaffredo, Jerome Larghero, Laurent Blanchoin, Stephane Brunet, Lionel Faivre, Manuel Thery


Tracking Wnt signalling in de Man, et al.


Quantitative live-cell imaging yields novel insight into endogenous WNT/CTNNB1 signaling dynamics
Saskia M.A. de Man, Gooitzen Zwanenburg, Mark A. Hink, Renée van Amerongen


EHBP1 and EHD2 regulate Dll4 caveolin-mediated endocytosis during blood vessel development
Amelia M Webb, Caitlin R Francis, Jayson M Webb, Hayle Kincross, Keanna M Lundy, Rachael Judson, Dawn Westhoff, Stryder M Meadows, Erich J Kushner


Gene expression and chromatin accessibility during progressive EMT and MET linked to dynamic CTCF engagement
Kelsey S Johnson, Shaimaa Hussein, Shuxuan Song, Priyanka Chakraborty, Mohit Kumar Jolly, Michael Toneff, Yin Lin, Joe Taube


Complementary and divergent roles for Ctage5 and Tango1 in zebrafish
Eric M. Clark, Brian A. Link


Stable kinetochore–microtubule attachments restrict MTOC position and spindle elongation in acentrosomal oocytes
Aurélien Courtois, Shuhei Yoshida, Tomoya S. Kitajima


Phototaxis of the unicellular red alga Cyanidioschyzon merolae is mediated by novel actin-driven tentacles
Sascha Maschmann, Karin Ruban, Johanna Wientapper, Wilhelm J. Walter


Arp2/3 complex-mediated actin assembly drives microtubule-independent motility and phagocytosis in the evolutionarily divergent amoeba Naegleria
Katrina B Velle, Lillian K Fritz-Laylin


Wnt-inducible Lrp6-APEX2 Interacting Proteins Identify ESCRT Machinery and Trk-Fused Gene as Components of the Wnt Signaling Pathway
Gabriele Colozza, Yasaman Jami-Alahmadi, Alyssa Dsouza, Nydia Tejeda-Muñoz, Lauren V. Albrecht, Eric Sosa, James A. Wohlschlegel, Edward M. De Robertis


Myosin 10 and a Cytoneme-Localized Ligand Complex Promote Morphogen Transport
Eric T. Hall, Daniel P. Stewart, Miriam Dillard, Ben Wagner, April Sykes, Jamshid Temirov, Richard E. Cheney, Motomi Mori, Camenzind G. Robinson, Stacey K. Ogden


Temporal correlation between oscillating force dipoles drives single cell migration in 3D
A. Godeau, M. Leoni, J. Comelles, H. Delanoe-Ayari, A. Ott, S. Harlepp, P. Sens, D. Riveline


Spatial Regulation of MCAK Promotes Cell Polarization and Focal Adhesion Turnover to Drive Robust Cell Migration
Hailing Zong, Mark Hazelbaker, Christina Moe, Stephanie C. Ems-McClung, Ke Hu, Claire E. Walczak


Myosin-X is required for integrin activation at filopodia tips
Mitro Miihkinen, Max L.B. Grönloh, Helena Vihinen, Eija Jokitalo, Benjamin Thomas Goult, Johanna Ivaska, Guillaume Jacquemet


Cep57 and Cep57L1 cooperatively maintain centriole engagement during interphase to ensure proper centriole duplication cycle
Kei K Ito, Koki Watanabe, Haruki Ishida, Kyohei Matsuhashi, Takumi Chinen, Shoji Hata, Daiju Kitagawa


Mitochondria form contact sites with the nucleus to couple pro-survival retrograde response
Radha Desai, Daniel A East, Liana Hardy, James Crosby, Manuel Rigon, Danilo Faccenda, María Soledad Alvarez, Aarti Singh, Marta Mainenti, Laura Kuhlman Hussey, Robert Bentham, Gyorgy Szabadkai, Valentina Zappulli, Gurtej Dhoot, Lisa E Romano, Xia Dong, Isabelle Coppens, Anne Hamacher-Brady, J Paul Chapple, Rosella Abeti, Roland A. Fleck, Gema Vizcay-Barrena, Kenneth Smith, Michelangelo Campanella


The LINC complex transmits integrin-dependent tension to the nuclear lamina and represses epidermal differentiation
Emma Carley, Rachel M. Stewart, Abigail Zieman, Amanda Zubek, Samantha Lin, Valerie Horsley, Megan C. King


Novel cytokinetic ring components drive negative feedback in cortical contractility
Kathryn Rehain Bell, Michael E. Werner, Anusha Doshi, Daniel B. Cortes, Adam Sattler, Thanh Vuong-Brender, Michel Labouesse, Amy Shaub Maddox


Non-muscle myosin-2 contractility-dependent actin turnover limits the length of epithelial microvilli
Colbie R. Chinowsky, Julia A. Pinette, Leslie M. Meenderink, Matthew J. Tyska


Protocadherin 7 localizes to the plasma membrane during mitosis and promotes cytokinesis by a palmitoylation-dependent mechanism
Nazlı Ezgi Özkan-Küçük, Mohammad Haroon Qureshi, Berfu Nur Yiğit, Altuğ Kamacıoğlu, Nima Bavili, Alper Kiraz, Nurhan Özlü





Autocrine inhibition of cell motility can drive epithelial branching morphogenesis in absence of growth
Elisabeth G. Rens, Mathé T. Zeegers, Iraes Rabbers, András Szabó, Roeland M.H. Merks


Self-organization of cortical areas in the development and evolution of neocortex: a network growth model
Nabil Imam, Barbara Finlay


Theory of mechano-chemical patterning and optimal migration in cell monolayers
Daniel Boocock, Naoya Hino, Natalia Ruzickova, Tsuyoshi Hirashima, Edouard Hannezo


From heterogenous morphogenetic fields to homogeneous regions as a step towards understanding complex tissue dynamics
Satoshi Yamashita, Boris Guirao, Francois Graner


Mechanical cell competition in heterogeneous epithelial tissues
R. J. Murphy, P. R. Buenzli, R. E. Baker, M. J. Simpson


A Biophysical Model for Plant Cell Plate Development
Muhammad Zaki Jawaid, Rosalie Sinclair, Daniel Cox, Georgia Drakakaki


Coordinating cell polarization and morphogenesis through mechanical feedback
Samhita P. Banavar, Michael Trogdon, Brian Drawert, Tau-Mu Yi, Linda R. Petzold, Otger Campàs


Understanding the principles of pattern formation driven by Notch signaling by integrating experiments and theoretical models
Federico Bocci, Jose Nelson Onuchic, Mohit Kumar Jolly


Modeling cell crawling strategies with a bistable model: From amoeboid to fan-shaped cell motion
E. Moreno, S. Flemming, F. Font, M. Holschneider, C. Beta, S. Alonso


Jamming and force distribution in growing epithelial tissue
Pranav Madhikar, Jan Åström, Björn Baumeier, Mikko Karttunen


Entropy-driven cell-decision making predicts fluid-to-solid transition in multicellular systems
Arnab Barua, Simon Syga, Pietro Mascheroni, Nikos Kavallaris, Michael Meyer-Hermann, Andreas Deutsch, Haralampos Hatzikirou




Tools & resources


Planarian UMAPs from Garcia-Castro, et al.


ACME dissociation: a versatile cell fixation-dissociation method for single-cell transcriptomics
Helena García-Castro, Nathan J Kenny, Patricia Álvarez-Campos, Vincent Mason, Anna Schönauer, Victoria A. Sleight, Jakke Neiro, Aziz Aboobaker, Jon Permanyer, Marta Iglesias, Manuel Irimia, Arnau Sebé-Pedrós, View ORCID ProfileJordi Solana


Expanding the Caenorhabditis elegans auxin-inducible degron system toolkit with internal expression and degradation controls and improved modular constructs for CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome editing
Guinevere Ashley, Tam Duong, Max T . Levenson, Michael A. Q. Martinez, Jonathan D. Hibshman, Hannah N. Saeger, Ryan Doonan, Nicholas J. Palmisano, Raquel Martinez-Mendez, Brittany Davidson, Wan Zhang, James M. Ragle, Taylor N. Medwig-Kinney, Sydney S. Sirota, Bob Goldstein, David Q. Matus, Daniel J. Dickinson, David J. Reiner, Jordan D. Ward


Rapid self-selecting and clone free integration of transgenes into engineered CRISPR safe harbor locations in Caenorhabditis elegans
Zachary Christopher Stevenson, Megan J. Moerdyk-Schauwecker, Brennen Jamison, Patrick C. Phillips


Fly brains in Meissner, et al.


An image resource of subdivided Drosophila GAL4-driver expression patterns for neuron-level searches
Geoffrey W Meissner, Zachary Dorman, Aljoscha Nern, Kaitlyn Forster, Theresa Gibney, Jennifer Jeter, Lauren Johnson, Yisheng He, Kelley Lee, Brian Melton, Brianna Yarbrough, Jody Clements, Cristian Goina, Hideo Otsuna, Konrad Rokicki, Robert R Svirskas, Yoshinori Aso, Gwyneth M Card, Barry J Dickson, Erica Ehrhardt, Jens Goldammer, Masayoshi Ito, Wyatt Korff, Ryo Minegishi, Shigehiro Namiki, Gerald M Rubin, Gabriella Sterne, Tanya Wolff, Oz Malkesman, FlyLight Project Team


The Incubot: A 3D Printer-Based Microscope for Long-Term Live Cell Imaging within a Tissue Culture Incubator
George O. T. Merces, Conor Kennedy, Blanca Lenoci, Emmanuel G. Reynaud, Niamh Burke, Mark Pickering


Neural Plate Targeting by in Utero NanoinjEction (NEPTUNE) reveals a role for Sptbn2 in neurulation and abdominal wall closure
Katrin Mangold, Jan Masek, Jingyan He, Urban Lendahl, Elaine Fuchs, Emma R Andersson


Adaptable and Efficient Genome Editing by sgRNA-Cas9 Protein Co-injection into Drosophila
Kevin G. Nyberg, Joe Nguyen, Yong-Jae Kwon, Shelby Blythe, Greg J. Beitel, Richard W. Carthew


Protein manipulation using single copies of short peptide tags in cultured cells and in Drosophila melanogaster
M. Alessandra Vigano, Clara-Maria Ell, Manuela MM Kustermann, Gustavo Aguilar, Shinya Matsuda, Ning Zhao, Timothy J Stasevich, George Pyrowolakis, Markus Affolter


Organoid Easytag: an efficient workflow for gene targeting in human organoids
Dawei Sun, Lewis D. Evans, Emma L. Rawlins


Illuminating chromatin compaction in live cells and fixed tissues using SiR-DNA fluorescence lifetime
Colin Hockings, Chetan Poudel, Kevin A. Feeney, Clara L. Novo, Mehdi S. Hamouda, Ioanna Mela, David Fernandez-Antoran, Pedro P. Vallejo-Ramirez, Peter J. Rugg-Gunn, Kevin Chalut, Clemens F. Kaminski, Gabriele Kaminski-Schierle


A Homology Independent Sequence Replacement Strategy in Human Cells Using a CRISPR Nuclease
Eric Wcislo Danner, Mikhail Lebedin, Kathrin de la Rosa, Ralf Kuehn


An improved CRISPR/dCas9 interference tool for neuronal gene suppression
Corey G. Duke, Svitlana V. Bach, Jasmin S. Revanna, Faraz A. Sultan, Nicholas T. Southern, M. Natalie Davis, Nancy V.N. Gallus, Allison J. Bauman, Robert A. Phillips III, Jeremy J Day


CellExplorer: a graphical user interface and standardized pipeline for visualizing and characterizing single neuron features
Peter Christian Petersen, György Buzsáki


Tethering Piezo channels to the actin cytoskeleton for mechanogating via the E-cadherin-β-catenin mechanotransduction complex
Jing Wang, Jinghui Jiang, Xuzhong Yang, Li Wang, Bailong Xiao


Multifocal imaging for precise, label-free tracking of fast biological processes in 3D
Jan N. Hansen, An Gong, Dagmar Wachten, Rene Pascal, Alex Turpin, Jan F. Jikeli, U. Benjamin Kaupp, Luis Alvarez


In utero gene transfer system for embryos before neural tube closure reveals a role for Hmga2 in the onset of neurogenesis
Naohiro Kuwayama, Yusuke Kishi, Yurie Maeda, Yurie Nishiumi, Yutaka Suzuki, Haruhiko Koseki, Yusuke Hirabayashi, Yukiko Gotoh


Democratising “Microscopi”: a 3D printed automated XYZT fluorescence imaging system for teaching, outreach and fieldwork
Matthew Wincott, Andrew Jefferson, Ian M. Dobbie, Martin J. Booth, Ilan Davis, Richard M. Parton


Integration of multiple imaging platforms to uncover cardiac defects in adult zebrafish
Anabela Bensimon-Brito, Giulia L. M. Boezio, João Cardeira-da-Silva, Astrid Wietelmann, Christian S. M. Helker, Radhan Ramadass, Janett Piesker, Arno Nauerth, Clemens Mueller, Didier Y. R. Stainier


Plant protein-based diets can replace a fish meal-based diet for sustainable growth and body composition of zebrafish
Toluwalase Anthony Aiyelari, Abdul Shakoor Chaudhry


Slc26a9P2ACre, a new CRE driver to regulate gene expression in the otic placode lineage and other FGFR2b-dependent epithelia
Lisa D Urness, Xiaofen Wang, Chaoying Li, Rolen M Quadros, Donald W Harms, Channabasavaiah B Gurumurthy, Suzanne L Mansour




Research practice & education

Fraser, et al’s analysis of the COVID-19 literature


Preprinting a pandemic: the role of preprints in the COVID-19 pandemic
Nicholas Fraser, Liam Brierley, Gautam Dey, Jessica K Polka, Máté Pálfy, Jonathon Alexis Coates


A Multi-perspective Analysis of Retractions in Life Sciences
Bhumika Bhatt


Working groups, gender and publication impact of Canada’s ecology and evolution faculty
Qian Wei, François Lachapelle, Sylvia Fuller, Catherine Corrigall-Brown, Diane S Srivastava


The representation of women as authors of submissions to ecology journals during the COVID-19 pandemic
Charles W Fox






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