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Meet other Node readers at BSDB meeting

Posted by , on 5 April 2011

We’re trying to gauge interest for an informal gathering of Node readers (in the form of drinks after dinner) at the upcoming BSDB meeting. We have a lot of readers among BSDB members, but don’t know if you’re all attending the meeting this year, and whether you’re interesting in meeting other readers and contributors. You can bring your non-Node-reading lab mates along, of course, and just take this as another opportunity to meet some people from other labs.

The meeting program is pretty full, but it looks like there’s a possibility to meet on Thursday April 28 between dinner and poster viewing, or that same night at the end of the poster viewing session. (The Thursday poster session for odd-numbered posters appears to be an hour longer than the time allotted for the even-numbered posters the next day, so this seemed the best moment.)

What do you think? Would you be interested in meeting other Node readers/writers? It will be very informal, and you don’t have to talk about the Node (but you can if you want to, and I’ll be happy to answer questions about the site).

Let us know via the poll if you’d be up for grabbing a drink on Thursday night. If we decide to go ahead with this, we’ll post a notice here, as well as at The Company of Biologists’ stand at the BSDB meeting with time and location details.

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One thought on “Meet other Node readers at BSDB meeting”

  1. To the people who aren’t at the BSDB meeting but are interested in meeting for drinks: are you perhaps attending the SDB or ISSCR meeting this summer? I’m going to both and would be happy to do a similar thing there as well.

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