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8 thoughts on “My journey to scientific editing”

    1. You need to info readers on how remuneration has improved and how this is a skill and not just a job.
      What are carrier prospects here?

  1. Hi..
    Nice to see this article of yours because its very much relevant to my future plan. I am currently in my last year of PhD(cell biology/protein trafficking) and further I would be doing post doc too. But when I think about myself down the line, I feel I want to do editing because as you said I love reading, writing also discussing and communicating. I somehow feel I can take up this as my career but I am not sure how good I am at this. could you tell me how do I test myself for the same? I have not done any journalism or related course.
    I would be glad if you could suggest me something.

  2. I’m trying to compile some samples and create a portfolio for job applications. I don’t currently work in science editing/writing but my degree is in biology and chemistry and I am a bit unenthused about continuing lab work. What is the best way to compose some samples? What do people want to see? Should I find some interesting scientific articles and summarize/re-write for a general audience? Should I do multimedia projects? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  3. Thanks for this encouraging post. Your experience is very similar to mine, and scientific editing is something I’ve considered before finishing my phd.
    Hopefully sooner rather than later I’ll get a job in this field.

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