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Posted by , on 21 February 2011

Contest reminder
The deadline for the Node image contest is creeping closer. Have you sent in your submission yet? Have a look on our Facebook page to get a glimpse of the kind of thing you could win. (Though, presumably, you’re not going to commission the Node logo when you win, so it would look different…)

Share the Node with your colleagues
If you’re a fan of the Node, and would like to tell your department or lab about it, you can use our promotional powerpoint slide the next time you give a presentation.

(Download the ppt slide here.)

The text is editable, so you can highlight the topics that are most relevant to your audience. We think this might be especially interesting for those people who have written something on the Node about their research paper or international exchange, so that you can let the audience of your talk know where they can find out even more the next time you talk about your work.
You can also print the slide as a little poster and put it up in your coffee room, or contact us if you’d like some physical flyers for your institute’s common room or library.

Information for new users
To make the Node easier for new users, we’ve made an introduction page, which includes a little tour of the site, as well as a selection of posts from different categories.

Part of the new Introduction to the Node

If you’d like to include a poll in a post, you can use PollDaddy. You have to sign up there for a free account, and then you can link that to your Node account via the “polls” tab in the menu that you see when you’re logged in to the admin area of the site. Let us know if you need more help.

YouTube video embedding
If you’ve ever tried to embed a YouTube video in a Node post and it wouldn’t work, this has now been fixed! I’ve contacted everyone who explicitly told me they were having problems with this, but I bet there were more people who just never said anything. (It only got fixed because people spoke up, so do mention it whenever something appears to be broken.)

Small request for RSS subscribers
We’ve recently switched the main Node RSS feed to Feedburner, as well as some of the specific ones. If you subscribe to one of the selected content feeds listed on the feeds page (such as the one for jobs, or for stem cells only) could you please take a minute and follow the corresponding feedburner feed from that page instead? You’ll get the same content, but we’ll be able to see how popular the various feeds are, and find out what the most interesting parts of the Node are. If you were only subscribed to the general feed (with all the content), no action is necessary.

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