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Node update

Posted by , on 29 July 2010

A few bits of news and reminders about the Node, just to keep you all up to date:

-We’ll be interviewing Jorge Cham, creator of the grad student comic Piled Higher and Deeper (PHD), this weekend. Do you have any questions you’d like to ask him? I asked for input via our Twitter account, and have one question so far (plus my own). I’m sure many of you are familiar with the comic, and this is your chance to ask away, so leave a comment with your question!

– Ah yes, the Twitter account. All the bits of news we find that are too short for a proper post end up there. You can follow us if you have a Twitter account yourself, or just look at the page to see what’s there and stay even more up to date than you already are.

– For example, we spread the word on Twitter that EMBO is looking for official bloggers for their annual meeting in September. They ask that you are already registered for the meeting and contribute to an existing blog, but that can be a group blog, like the Node. So if you don’t have your own blog, but would like a chance to blog for EMBO, make sure to register for the Node before you apply. If you’re selected as official blogger, they provide you with direct access to the speakers for interviews, and you receive free registration at next year’s meeting. EMBO’s application deadline for bloggers is August 15. Good luck!

– Finally, you may have noticed comments on the Node disappearing and then reappearing. This is the result of a too sensitive comment reporting system. We’re working to get this solved by the end of August, and will keep you updated about any changes.

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3 thoughts on “Node update”

  1. I always wondered if someone kicked Jorge Cham for his jokes.
    Seriously, I would like to know how was being artist and scientist at the same time (I honestly believe that, in most places, grad students don’t have enough time to do both). When and why he started with PhD Comics, and when he will come to some place in the South Hemisphere.

    1. We have thought about it, but for the journal rather than the Node. I’m very on the fence about usefulness for *journals* being on Facebook, but can see it being more useful for the Node, so will consider it. I can see how it would reach more people, but the split interactivity (comments and “likes” in two places) is a minor annoyance in terms of tracking what the popular content is.

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