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Node updates

Posted by , on 31 August 2011

As you know we carried out a survey about the Node this summer. Thank you to those who answered our questions! It was very helpful. We’re currently analysing the results, and you can expect a report on the Node soon.
One lucky survey participant, Greg Shanower of The Commonwealth Medical College in Scranton, Philadelphia (US), won the prize draw, and has been sent some gifts from Development and the Node. Congratulations!

Technical updates
We’ve been battling some technical glitches on the Node. At the moment, commenting is not working properly. We’re trying to find a solution for this as soon as possible. We may need to take the site down for a short while later this month to work on this and general site updates, but will let you know about that beforehand. You can always find us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date on any site downtime or to leave us comments, or you can email us directly via thenode[at] .

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2 thoughts on “Node updates”

    1. Comments are still finicky, but we’re planning a site upgrade next week which will hopefully fix it. (And if not, we’ll keep working on it. It’s a rather common error in WordPress, which the site runs on, but it has about a million potential causes, of which we’ve only been able to look at five or so at the moment.) Meanwhile, do let me know when you’re trying to comment and get the blank page. There are a few things we can do to temporarily fix it.

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