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One thought on “On segmentation”

  1. The experiments in Dias et al. are certainly beautiful, and I believe there are lots of things to be learnt from them. But calling “somites” the structures that they saw might be going too far beyond what the actual data shows. They are not the right size, they are not consistently similar, they are not correctly shaped, they have no polarity. If you ask me, they seem to point to something that some people in the clock and wavefront camp have been suspecting for quite a time: under the right conditions, mesoderm has an intrinsic wavelength under which it likes to break, but still needs to be informed and refined by the clock in order to do it accurately. And, importantly, to give somitic borders the right identity. Partially redundant mechanisms interplaying to increase the robustness of a delicate biological process: a true classic. In any case, exciting times!


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