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Physics of Living Matter Symposium 7 | 13-14th September 2012

Posted by , on 6 June 2012

The Physics of Living Matter symposium is coming to London this year . This event, first popularised in Cambridge, is a forum for interdisciplinary research in cell and developmental biology.

For all the details and to register go to:

Physics of Living Matter 7

This year’s themes include:

      Dynamic cell organisation

Emergent properties of cellular assemblies

Information processing at a molecular and cellular level.


Chris Barnes (London, UK), Tariq Enver (London, UK), U. Gaul (Munich, Germany), C. Guet (Vienna, Austria), Martin Howard (Norwich, UK), Tony Hyman (Dresden, Germany), B. Lehner (Barcelona, Spain), P. Martin (Paris, France). J. Molloy (London, UK), B. Novak (Oxford, UK), T. Risler (Paris, France), R. Rodriguez Daga (Sevilla, Spain), E. Siggia (New York, USA), V. Sourjik (Heidelberg, Germany), JP Vincent (London, UK)

Featured Bragg lecturer

Professor Roger Brent, Seattle

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