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Postdoc position in RNA biology and ALS (Berlin, Germany)

Posted by , on 14 October 2020

Closing Date: 15 March 2021

Postdoc position is available at the Max Delbrück Center (MDC, Berlin, Chekulaeva lab). ALS is a neurodegenerative disease affecting motor neurons, i.e. neurons that control skeletal muscle contraction to produce motion. Despite heterogeneous etiology, ALS is characterized by abnormalities in RNA metabolism. The successful candidate will work with the collection of ALS patient-derived hiPSCs and hiPSC-derived motor neurons to investigate how changes in RNA metabolism contribute to the mechanism of neurodegeneration. The project will reply on a combination of omics (transcriptomics, Ribo-seq, CLIP-seq), computational, CRISPR/Cas-mediated gene editing and imaging approaches and will involve a collaboration with international partners, contributing different expertise to the project, including computational analysis, in vivo ALS models and clinical research.

Ideal candidate should have experience in cell culture and molecular biology techniques, interest in RNA biology and neurodegeneration. Experience in hiPSC work and RNA methods is an advantage. To apply, please send your motivation letter and CV with contact details of at least two referees to marina.chekulaeva(at)

Recommended reading:

  1. von Kuegelgen N and Chekulaeva M# (2020). Conservation of a core neurite transcriptome across neuronal types and species. WIREs RNA 14:e1590.
  2. Ciolli Mattioli C., Rom A., Franke V., Imami K., Arrey G., Terne M., Woehler A., Akalin A., Ulitsky I., and Chekulaeva M. (2018). Alternative 3′ UTRs direct localization of functionally diverse protein isoforms in neuronal compartments. Nucleic Acids Research,
  3. Zappulo, A.*, van den Bruck, D.*, Ciolli Mattioli, C.*, Franke, V.*, Imami, K., McShane, E., Moreno-Estelles, M., Calviello, L., Filiipchyk, A., Peguero-Sanchez, E., Mueller, T., Woehler, A., Birchmeier, C., Merino, E., Rajewsky, N., Ohler. U., Mazzoni, E., Selbach, M., Akalin, A., and Chekulaeva, M. (2017). RNA localization is a key determinant of neurite-enriched proteome. Nature Communications,

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