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Register to attend “SciCommConnect: Science communication, community connections”

Posted by , on 16 April 2024

Science communication is an integral part of being a researcher. Want to practice your science writing and presentation skills? Register to attend “SciCommConnect: Science communication, community connections“!

The three community sites supported by The Company of Biologists – the Node, preLights and FocalPlane – are hosting a free, online event on Monday 10 June 2024 from 13:00-18:00 BST, focusing on the different ways in which science can be communicated. We hope this event will present a unique opportunity for you to work on your science writing and presentation skills and connect with your peers across the world in a friendly, informal environment.

Registration closes on Friday 7 June 2024.

Highlights of ‘SciCommConnect’

“Shareable science” by Jamie Gallagher 

Dr Jamie Gallagher is an award-winning science communicator, trainer and consultant. He will share tips and tricks on how to make science talks as interesting, engaging and memorable as possible.

Three minute research talk competition

Similar to the Three minute thesis competition format, this is a chance for you to practice communicating your research in a concise and engaging way.

Present your work for a chance to win a cash prize and to get feedback from Jamie, who is a previous Three Minute Thesis winner. To enter please provide us with short summary of your intended talk (think about how you would advertise your talk in a tweet!)

Applications for the short talk competition are optional and spaces are limited.  Deadline for entering into the competition is Sunday 26 May.

Those who do not wish to give a talk will also benefit from listening to people’s talks and Jamie’s feedback. They will also be able to vote for their favourite talk.

#DevBiolWriteClub and themed writing sprints

Prof John B. Wallingford is a Professor at UT Austin. He is passionate about writing and has written on the Node regularly, including the popular #DevBiolWriteClub posts. He will share some excellent writing advice which can directly be applied during the themed writing sprints that will follow. 

For the writing sprints, you can pick which group to be in (the Node, preLights or FocalPlane). Each group will work together to brainstorm and draft a piece of writing on a pre-selected topic. Details of the writing briefs for each group will be provided closer to the event.

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