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Reproductive Organoids Workshop 18 – 19 July 2022 Homerton College, Cambridge

Posted by , on 16 May 2022

Cambridge Reproduction, the Cambridge Academy of Therapeutic Sciences and the Centre for Trophoblast Research are holding a workshop on 18–19 July 2022, Realising the translational potential of reproductive organoids, and focused on the question:

‘How can we realise the potential of reproductive organoids – three-dimensional stem-cell models of organs and embryos – in a therapeutic context?’

To REGISTER, please go to:

In-person, at Homerton College, Cambridge, and online.
As in-person spaces are limited, we also welcome delegates to join us for the full academic programme virtually.


In-person attendance (both days)

Students: £35
Academic/research staff: £150
Industry: £200

Virtual attendance (both days)

All delegates: £50

Please NOTE: Registration closes on 30 June 2022.


The workshop will bring together international leading researchers in the field, policymakers, ethical and legal experts, and industry partners. This would enable us to identify the main opportunities, challenges and obstacles, both for researchers and for industry, and to plan next steps. We hope the workshop will catalyse new collaborations and will result in a detailed report that captures the main regulatory and practical challenges and outlines next steps.

For more information, and the 2 day workshop programme, please go to the event webpage:


Please spread the word and circulate details of this event to your colleagues and related networks.

We hope to see you there!

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