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Royal Institution Lecture, UK: Growing a human body part

Posted by , on 12 June 2012

FREE EVENT: Growing a human body part: exploring the frontiers of regenerative medicine

Wednesday 27th June, 7pm to 8.30pm at The Royal Institution, London, UK.

Lecturers: Dr. Helen Blau and Sir John Gurdon

Two experts in regenerative medicine present their latest research, exploring how healthcare will be revolutionised by the ability to grow new body parts.

This event will be followed by a free drinks reception, supported by The Company of Biologists.

Sir John Gurdon – Immortality: Stem cells, nuclear transfer and regenerative medicine
Specialized cells are remarkably stable; we do not have skin cells in our brain, nor heart cells in our liver.  However, the nucleus of any adult cell can be transplanted to an egg from which all kinds of different specialized cells can be grown.  This results from “reprogramming” molecules present in an egg. As these molecules come to be identified, we can envisage a time when it may be possible to create replacement cells for eyes and other organs without the need for immunosuppression.  There is therefore the prospect of giving humans rejuvenated cells to replace those worn out by age or disease.

Dr Helen Blau
Can we live forever? Is immortality possible? Can we regenerate all our tissues?  Helen Blau (Baxter Professor and Director of the Baxter Laboratory for Stem Cell Biology at Stanford University) will discuss ways by which newts regenerate their hearts and limbs and ways we might exploit such natural mechanisms in humans. Moreover, we have stem cells in our tissues now.  Dr Blau will describe approaches to making them function better in order to build brain and brawn and defer aging.

Please note tickets are free, but should be booked in advance.

See here for further details

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