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Science gift ideas!

Posted by , on 7 December 2015

The festive season is here, so it’s time to start thinking about gifts. Many of my friends are scientists, so I have been searching for science-themed gifts. I thought I would share some of my finds here on the Node, in case you are searching for something similar (or would like a science-themed gift yourself!)! Below are some of my finds. If you have any other good ideas feel free to leave a comment!


Biscuit cutters

Does your lab have the tradition of bringing cakes to lab meetings? Or maybe your department has a monthly happy hour? Give these cookie cutters to a friend or colleague and maybe you’ll benefit from this gift too! There are many other biscuit cutter options on this shop.





Science scarves

I spotted these beautiful silk scarves in the Artologica shop on Etsy (you can also follow the artist on twitter- @artologica). Check out their shop for other sciency gifts, including petri dish ornaments that would look great in any lab (or personal) Christmas tree!


Artologica scarf neurons

Brain cells scarf


Artologica scarf mitosis

Mitosis scarf



Cuddly science

Giant microbes started off by creating cuddly versions of disease-causing microbes, but have since branched off to other types of cells and even a cuddly Drosophila!

Giant microbes



Science jewellery

There is a lot of science-themed jewellery out there. The Vexed Muddler is a good place to start your search, with beautiful ceramic science jewellery such as these cool bracelets.




Embroidered notebooks

Some of these may be too fancy to be used as lab books, but they make a very special gift! Check out the Fabulous Cat Papers shop on Etsy for more designs.




Embryo pillow

A hard-working scientist needs a rest after a long day in the lab. So what best than a sciency pillow? The design of this pillow is particularly appropriate for developmental biologists, displaying an embryogenesis-inspired pattern. Check out Klara Acel’s shop if you like the design but would prefer it as a bag, rug, or a matching duvet cover!




A gift for a little scientist

It is never too early to start learning about cell division, right? Check out the shop Cognitive Surplus for more great sciency gift ideas, including DNA replication champagne glasses and a tardigrade tote bag! When I contacted the shop owners they told me they are keen to get ideas for new science-themed products, so get in touch with them if you feel inspired!




Developmental biology t-shirt

I spotted this t-shirt showcasing Haeckel’s embryos in the nonfinctiontees shop. They have a lot of other science-themed t-shirts to choose from!


Embryo t-shirt 3


Cute stocking fillers

There is always the need for small gifts this time of the year. How about some cute science badges? More to choose from at the Roocharms shop.




Do you have any other ideas for great science-themed gifts? Leave your suggestion as a comment!

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