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Sheffield STORM symposium – 11th Jan 2017

Posted by , on 25 November 2016

We are delighted to invite you to our one-day STORM symposium, which aims to bring together expertise from fields of biology and physics as well as microscope software engineers to discuss the challenge of Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy (STORM).

This symposium is aimed at those researchers who are currently using STORM. We aim to provide a platform for discussion and collaboration to highlight the problems researchers are facing with STORM; and together we can try to find solutions.

There will be talks from researchers, addressing issues such as sample preparation, labelling and image analysis. As well as talks from experts including Nikon, and those using the Thunderstorm imageJ plugin. We encourage you to bring along a A3/A2 poster of a current image. These images do not have to be perfect, please bring along images you are having problems with or have questions about. See website for details. The images will be displayed during the day to allow you to get feedback from other attendees and prizes will be awarded to the most interesting. Registration closes 8th January 2017 but places are limited.


Registration is now open – please check our website for details:


Attached is a flyer – please feel free to pass on to other interested parties at your Universities/Institutes:



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