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3 thoughts on “Stem cells and developmental biology: old friends meet again…or did they ever part ways?”

  1. Liked this =) And likewise, one of my favourite talks at the ISSCR meeting last week was Keller’s talk, because he also explicitly pointed out this correlation between developmental biology and stem cells.

    There’s a post about that meeting going live tomorrow in which Seema (reviews editor) and I tried to focus on the talks that were within this area where stem cell research and developmental biology overlap. Then we still had to narrow it down further to only our favourites, because there were FAR TOO MANY – and that is telling: there is clearly a lot of common ground!

  2. Maybe one day cancer biology, developmental biology, and regenerative biology and stem cell biology will merge together in the same department or institutes, because of their instrinc tight correlation to each other.

    1. There probably already are some institutes where they overlap. But I’m sure there are also lots of developmental biolgists who would not fit in a place like that. People studying plant development have little in common with cancer research, for example.

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