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So now I'm a Development editor!

Posted by , on 29 April 2013

I got the call and immediately said yes. What a thrill to be asked to join the best developmental biology journal there is! Then I talked to some colleagues afterwards ...

Society Journals and the Research Works Act

Posted by , on 31 January 2012

This post about the Research Works Act and the effect on society journals was written for, and first published on, Reciprocal Space. Reposted with permission, and edited to add a ...


Posted by , on 19 August 2010

It seems that following on the tracks of Cell Press, which is reducing the maximum number of supplemental figures to one per manuscript figure, now J. Neuroscience is doing away ...

Stem cells and developmental biology: old friends meet again...or did they ever part ways?

Posted by , on 30 June 2010

Ahhh the Node, my favourite part of the embryo: nice cup shape you can lie back in and get a whirly cilia massage…. OK, on with the post. So it ...

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Oh this game I want to play! 1. Depeche Mode - Violator 2. Miles Davis - Kind of Blue 3. Bach - Goldberg Variations (Glenn Gould 1981 recording) 4. Praxis - Transmutation (Mutatis Mutandi) 5. Recondite - On Acid 6. Radiohead - OK Computer 7. Paul Oakenfold - Another World 8. Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
by benoitbruneau in What songs would you take to a desert island? on July 10, 2013
I agree with both of you, and side with Katherine on the rejection rate side of things. We want to publish high-quality papers of broad interest to the developmental biology community, and therefore by default we have to have a high(er) rejection rate. And indeed it is more about the scientists, and their institutions. But the journals have a role to play in facilitating this change. Let's see how it goes....
by benoitbruneau in San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment on May 23, 2013
Awesome post. I'm a big fan of cool critters. So, where to now?
by benoitbruneau in On how odd critters can answer important questions on March 28, 2013
But here's the thing: these are PRIZES, not research grants. They cna buy a car and pay off the mortgage with these, as with a Nobel, Shaw, Gairdner Prize. Statements such as "a new source of funding for biomedical research", "standard process of application and review to emerging labs, researchers, and initiatives", "seem to be allowed to spend the money any way they want to," implies that these are research grants, for their lab. They are not, they are cash prizes that accompany a recognition of success. So it has nothing more to do with "only awarding the top talent" than any other research prize, big money or not.
by benoitbruneau in Breakthrough Prize floors winners with sheer amount of money on February 20, 2013
Kim, been following all your adventures. Really excited about what you will find. Caught up with Cliff last weekend, and he gave me the lowdown...this will be the shizzle. Love it.
by benoitbruneau in Homeward bound on May 11, 2012