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December 7

Posted by , on 7 December 2012

Today’s recommended paper is: Normal Spastin Gene Dosage Is Specifically Required for Axon Regeneration Michelle C. Stone et al. (2012) Cell Reports 2, 1340–1350 Submitted by Nik Papageorgiou: “The reason ...

December 6

Posted by , on 6 December 2012

Today’s recommended paper is: Coupling Mechanical Deformations and Planar Cell Polarity to Create Regular Patterns in the Zebrafish Retina Guillaume Salbreux et al. (2012) PLOS Computational Biology 8 (8), e1002618 ...

December 5

Posted by , on 5 December 2012

Today’s recommended paper is: In toto live imaging of mouse morphogenesis and new insights into neural tube closure R’ada Massarwa and Lee Niswander (2013) Development 140 (1), 226-236 Submitted by ...

December 4

Posted by , on 4 December 2012

Today’s recommended paper is: NuRD Suppresses Pluripotency Gene Expression to Promote Transcriptional Heterogeneity and Lineage Commitment Nicola Reynolds et al. (2012) Cell Stem Cell 10 (5), 583-594 Submitted by Mary ...

December 3

Posted by , on 3 December 2012

Today’s recommended paper is: Bimodal control of Hoxd gene transcription in the spinal cord defines two regulatory subclusters Patrick Tschopp, Alix J. Christen and Denis Duboule (2012) Development 139 (5), ...

December 2

Posted by , on 2 December 2012

Today’s recommended paper is: Polyploidization of glia in neural development links tissue growth to blood–brain barrier integrity Yingdee Unhavaithaya and Terry L. Orr-Weaver (2012) Genes & Development 26, 31-36 Submitted ...

December 1

Posted by , on 1 December 2012

Today’s recommended paper is: The accessible chromatin landscape of the human genome Robert E. Thurman, Eric Rynes, Richard Humbert, et al. (2012) Nature 489, 75–82 Submitted by Nishal Patel: “Whilst ...

Coming Soon

Posted by , on 29 November 2012

We recently asked you what your favourite papers of 2012 were. From December 1 to 24, you’ll be able to see 24 of these papers behind the virtual doors of ...

Favourite papers advent calendar

Posted by , on 8 November 2012

What was your favourite paper in the fields of developmental or stem cell biology this past year? We’re preparing a little feature on the Node for the month of December: ...

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