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3-year postdoc position for a bioinformatician

Posted by , on 1 November 2022

The Steinmetz group at the Sars Centre in Bergen (Norway) is looking for a bioinformatician with expertise in analysing high-throughput sequencing datasets (bulk, single-cell, ATAC-Seq). The project aims to characterise ...

Summer School in TRANSCRIPTOMICS in Development and Cancer - Join us in Sweden 27-30 June 2022

Posted by , on 9 April 2022

Join us in a Swedish enchanting scenario at the end of June (27-30) when it’s always light in Sweden! If you are a Student (bachelor/Master’s/PhD), a Postdoc, or a young ...

CENTURI PhD call 2022 | 10 open positions in Marseille

Posted by , on 11 January 2022

The Turing Centre for Living Systems (CENTURI) wishes to attract talented PhD students to the Luminy campus. To do so, CENTURI will fund up to 10 PhD positions to start in 2021. ...

Research Engineer in Bioinformatics

Posted by , on 17 July 2020

The University of Lyon is a worldwide academic site of excellence. Labelled IDEX in 2017, it is located in the heart of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, in the Lyon Saint-Étienne basin. ...

Genomic Analyst position at Xenbase, the Xenopus Model Organism Knowledgebase

Posted by , on 12 December 2019

Xenbase ( is the Xenopus bioinformatics and genomics knowledgebase funded by the NIH/NICHHD. We have has two performance sites: the curation team at Cincinnati Children’s, Cincinnati OH (PI: Dr. Aaron ...

Postdoctoral Research Associate - USC Craniofacial Biology

Posted by , on 7 December 2016

Postdoctoral Research Associate Craniofacial Biology – University of Southern California Health Science Campus We are seeking a promising postdoctoral research associate, with expertise in molecular biology and bioinformatics. The program’s goal ...

Light sheet microscopy 101: Get started with a short video protocol

Posted by , on 13 April 2016

Here you can find out more about our video protocol on using light sheet microscopy to image zebrafish eye development.   Light sheet fluorescence microscopy has quickly become a popular ...

New 3D anatomy viewer available at eMouseAtlas

Posted by , on 26 January 2016

A new 3D viewer that allows interactive visualisation of mouse embryo anatomy is now available from the eMouseAtlas website ( A slice viewer allows visualisation of anatomy on arbitrary section ...

AI tackles variability of metastatic conversion triggered by bioelectric disregulation

Posted by , on 7 November 2015

  One of the most important problems in experimental biology has to do with variability / heterogeneity (Rubin, 1990): why do different organisms react differently to the same perturbation or ...

Biomed Informatics Assistant

Posted by , on 11 August 2015

The Department of Developmental Biology at Washington University School of Medicine invites applications for a Biomedical Informatics Assistant. The Department of Developmental Biology is a dynamic research community, with interests ...

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